Tata Martino will not force Héctor Herrera to play

The Tri coach assured that he does not intend to force the Atlético de Madrid player on this FIFA date so as not to jeopardize his ownership with the colchoneros

The technician of the Mexican team, Gerardo Martino, noted that they will not pressure Hector Herrera to play before South Korea O Japan, since it presents an overload and this could cause that the good time you live with the Atlético de Madrid be braked.

Nanny Martino mentioned that Hector Herrera will be evaluated by the medical body of the Tri, while Jonathan Dos Santos will not be available due to injury.

“We do not want him to lose his football rhythm, because he is at a good level. If we evaluate with the medical team that there is a risk, it will be out. Hector [Herrera] has muscular overload and we must evaluate if it will be fit and Jona [dos Santos] it’s out for tomorrow. We will not risk Hector HerreraIf the medical body tells us that there is a risk of injury, it will be left out, “he said.

In the same way, he assured that this same philosophy applies to all national elements, since they want everyone to return healthy to their clubs.

“It is not our intention in the selection process to take the risk. This is not the time to take it and we are interested in them playing, but especially that they return well to their clubs,” he said.

In addition, he recalled that Hector Herrera He has two important commitments on his return to the mattress team, “because they have a game against Barcelona and the UEFA Champions League against Lokomotiv Moscow.”

“This applies to everyone, not just Hector Herrera for him AthleticBut the same for Jona. If he is at risk of injury, he will be out of the game without a doubt, even if he does not have a match with Galaxy because he was left out, “he concluded.

The Mexican midfielder has started the last six games that the mattress team has played in LaLiga and the Champions League.


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