"Well, the treatment room was and is full" he added. "We do not really know who will be available. Maybe Aaron, maybe Jesse and I think maybe that was what had to come out [of the internationals]but I can not promise that these two will also be available.

"Pogba will not be fit, no, unless he miraculously recovered overnight from yesterday to today or maybe from tonight to tomorrow." He was not ready to train one hundred percent, no. We hope, as I said, that more can be ready for West Ham next week, and Paul and Anthony are in this category. I think they are ready then and I can not really say more than that.

"Leicester is always a tough game. I'm sure there is a team, a club that wants to get into the top four. You have good players, a very good manager who has proven himself as a top manager. Brendan's teams are always playing good football and we know we have to play well to earn the three points. "