Teaser announces killer doll horror series for fall

Series poster from Chucky (c) USA Network

Syfy and the USA Network have announced the fall horror series Chucky featuring the famous killer doll. A teaser from the workshop shows the mechanical inner workings of Chucky, for whom the cameras have been running for a week.

The filming of the horror series Chucky finally started last week, quite late. The series by killer doll creator Don Mancini was supposed to be released in 2020, but has been postponed again and again – not only because of the coronavirus pandemic. A little teaser that shows the inner workings of the mechanical Chucky prop announces the series from Syfy and the USA Network for autumn this year.

According to the official description, the horror series takes place in a suburban idyll that is thrown into chaos after the old Chucky doll shows up at a garden flea market. Soon a series of horrific murders threatens to reveal the city’s grisly secrets as enemies and allies of Chucky’s past attempt to uncover the truth about the carnage, including how a seemingly normal child becomes a monster and out a killer doll could become a commercially available toy. A previously untold Origin story is promised.

In the film world, Chucky had never really disappeared from the scene. Since Tom Holland’s film (“Child’s Play“) There had been numerous sequels about the 1988 doll owned by a serial killer. Most recently with the now seventh part “Cult of Chucky“From 2017, which was only released on the home video market outside of film festivals.

In the summer of 2019 a “Child’s Play“Remake in the cinemas, in which Chucky a robot with killer AI and the voice of”Star Wars“Star is Mark Hamill. Chucky inventor Don Mancini (Hannibal, Channel Zero) was not involved in this part, but is the showrunner behind the new series version, which he is producing with film producers David Kirschner and Harley Peyton (Twin Peaks).

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Cult of Chucky


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