TechStage Bargain Check KW18: Star Wars Tag, graphics cards, AVM products, Intel Wifi 6 cards cheaper

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Today is May 4th or in English: May the Fourth. Since that sounds like “May the force be with you” from Star Wars, fans have declared this day to be the more or less official Star Wars Day and the dealers happily jump on it.

Amazon isn’t the only provider involved in Star Wars. There are numerous deals on Ebay, for example the board game bundle from Elfer Raus, playing card sets and quizzes in the Star Wars universe. The Pack of three costs just under 30 euros today.

In addition, ProShop has reduced the price of several Star Wars Lego models. There are also collector favorites such as the Imperial Star Destroyer, the Cantina in Mos Eisley or the Millennium Falcon from the Collector Series. The prices are in some cases rock-bottom prices, but today they are as good as anywhere else.

Finally good news for gamers? At least partially, because several retailers have lowered the prices for the RTX 2060 graphics cards from Nividia. The cheapest from this series is the ASUS Dual GeForce RTX 2060 OC Evo which an Austrian dealer has in its range for 469 euros. For comparison, this graphics card will cost 317 euros in August 2020. The RTX 2060 is not a bad GPU series, but it does not come close to the current RTX 3060 in terms of performance. More on this in our comparison test graphics cards.

We hope these initial offers will reverse the trend in graphics card prices. Because so far they only knew one direction, upwards. The Asus graphics card was sometimes traded for an insane 819 euros. Here we show the cheapest prices for the RTX 2060 series, including the price history. The following also applies: If you don’t necessarily need a new graphics card, you should wait.

Three AVM products are cheaper today. First there is the Fritzbox 7590, which is sold today for just under 200 euros. Usually it is closer to 225 euros. The lowest price was 159 euros, but there is no better deal today. In our comparison test of the Fritz boxes (comparison) the 7590 performed very well.

It continues with the Fritz Powerline Set 540E. That falls to just under 63 euros at several retailers. The price is good, if not a rock-bottom price. If you want to expand your network with it, you can still strike. However, the set is not the fastest. The Ethernet sockets only manage 100 Mbit / s, the transmission standard for PoE is 500 Mbit / s. A WLAN access point is included so that at least a medium-speed WLAN can be relocated to other areas of the apartment.

But what if you don’t have WiFi on your PC? Then the Fritz WLAN USB Stick AC 860 can help. Today it costs just under 27 euros, normally 34 euros are due. However, the WiFi 6 upgrade modules from Intel are significantly faster. Today the Intel Wi-Fi 6E AX210 Gig + plug-in card with WLAN and Blueooth with and without vPro function is much cheaper. Without vPro the plug-in card costs just under 11 euros, with the vPro administration function the card costs 19 euros (plus shipping). At home you can do without vPro, if you want to upgrade to Wifi-6 for 11 euros, we recommend our guide: Upgrade your notebook to Wifi-6 for 13 euros.

A good night’s sleep is important for health and fitness. This not only includes getting enough sleep time, but also a decent mattress. Many of the editors and friends rely on Emma’s mattresses (also because nobody really understands the pricing of the other mattress suppliers).

The provider has a discount of 10 percent in May if you order directly from their website. The code for this is spring. The mattress comes with a 100-day return guarantee, which we have already tried out in the editorial office. It actually works well, at least if you order the mattress directly from the manufacturer.

The Emma One products are reduced, the discount applies to all three degrees of hardness. Here it goes to the offer at Emma.

(DISPLAY) Vodafone offers again a 20 percent discount with code ACTION20 on its Red and Young tariffs with a term of 24 months. For example, it costs 40 GByte (max. 500 Mbit / s) with flat-rate telephony and SMS as well as music, chat, video or social pass only 25 instead of 38 euros in the Young L tariff for the first 12 months. The connection price is a one-time fee of 40 euros. Alternatively, there is the same package in the Red tariff, i.e. without the Young bonus, for around 48 instead of 60 euros.

On new customers receive 12 GByte (max. 50 MBit / s)for 10 euros per month; including flat-rate telephony and SMS. The connection price is a one-time fee of 10 instead of 40 euros. A termination is possible at any time with a period of two weeks to extend the contract. Note: The low price is valid for the first 24 months. After that, the costs increase to 20 euros per month.

The price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE (test report) has fallen again compared to the previous week. Via you pay currently one-time 45 instead of 90 euros Including connection price for the smartphone with 128 GB of memory. The associated O2 Blue All-in M tariff offers 12 GByte (max. 50 Mbit / s), flat-rate telephony and SMS. It has a term of 24 months and now costs 20 instead of 30 euros per month. Anyone who gets a smartphone and tariff individually pays 379 euros more.

The Telekomhas lowered their prices for the Magentamobil tariffs. For the first time, the provider is also offering a tariff with unlimited data volume that can compete with the prices of O2 and Vodafone. Because Magentamobil XL costs now 75 instead of 85 euros a month. The connection price does not apply. The unlimited data volume included comes to a maximum of 300 Mbit / s in the download rate. However, the deal has a catch: The reduced monthly price is only available for the first 12 months of the contract. After that, the costs increase to 85 euros per month. So if you sign the contract, you only benefit for the first year with a total term of two years.

Cyberport reduced today various Apple offers, some are even cheaper than ever. The Homepod Mini, Apple’s small, smart loudspeaker, costs less than 90 euros for the first time today. There are even more Apple products on the promotions page, not necessarily at the absolute lowest price, but today as one of the cheapest offers.

For everyone who likes to film on the go, the deal for the DJI Osmo Pocket (test report) is an interesting offer. The small, handy gimbal camera delivers 4K videos with up to 60fps and stabilizes the recordings even during wild tracking shots. Today it costs less than 150 euros for the first time, normally the price is closer to 180 euros.

The Metz Moover (test report) is a very good e-scooter with a powerful motor and powerful brakes. It can also be folded up small and stowed in the trunk. We especially liked the safe and comfortable driving experience. In the test, we criticized the high price, and it is falling. From over 1200 euros to just over 920 euros. We list even more scooters in our top 10 list of the best: E-scooters with street approval.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 II (test report) is a bit older, but is still one of the best ANC headphones with Bluetooth. In the test report, the headphones were particularly convincing with their long battery life and the very good ANC. The price for the headphones has now fallen below 190 euros.

We have found a few good deals to match our briefly published leaderboard for fitness trackers. The new Xiaomi Mi Band 6, our test follows, costs a little more than 44 euros on Amazon today.

In addition, the prices for the Fitbit Sense are falling (test report). The sports watch is currently Fitbit’s flagship model and can measure your heart rate or activity as well as your stress level or oxygen saturation. The scythe performed very well in the test. The price for the color variant carbon / graphite and lunar white / soft gold is currently 256 euros, normally they are closer to 270 euros.

The subscribers to our bargain newsletter are already familiar with these deals: The manufacturer Adata is turning 20 and at Amazon and Alternate there are discounts on the manufacturer’s SSDs, NVMes or RAM. We would like to highlight the ADATA XPG Spectrix S20G with 1 TB of storageAlternate You can get them there for just over 94 euros (plus shipping), which is an excellent price for this memory. To the offer at Alternate.

Amazonhas created a rather extensive sub-page for Adata, in which advertising and real offerings are mixed up a bit. The deals come at the very end. To the campaign at Amazon.

When we checked the prices, we noticed that you can usually get the 512 GByte memory more cheaply elsewhere on the web. The prices for the TByte NVMe, on the other hand, are excellent.

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