Ted Cruz “under fire”: Senator criticized for his “photo session” in Texas after scandal about trip to Cancun

Texas Senator Ted Cruz was photographed Saturday delivering bottled water to residents experiencing shortages due to the winter storm, but the moment was criticized as a “photo shoot” for the Republican.

Ted Cruz shared the images on his Twitter account while writing “#TexasStrong.” In the images, he is seen loading packages of bottled water into residents’ vehicles. But it did not disclose where the photos were taken.

It comes after the senator was heavily criticized for traveling to Cancun, Mexico, on Wednesday with his family, as many Texans were without electricity or running water.

After the backlash, Ted Cruz traveled back to Texas Thursday afternoon and admitted the trip was a “mistake.”

“Obviously it was a mistake, and in hindsight, I wouldn’t have done it,” he told reporters.

Probably in an effort to redeem himself in the eyes of the voters, Cruz decided to help residents by handing them water.

Millions of Texans were currently facing food and water shortages due to the winter storm that brought cold temperatures and snow to the state. Freezing temperatures broke pipes and low water pressure has made tap water undrinkable for some residents.

Cruz faced criticism for the images he shared because many residents saw them as a staging rather than a genuine effort to help their constituents.

“First you abandon your constituents, are they now crisis photographs for you? Do you have any shame @tedcruz? ” one person tweeted.

Other people pointed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Covid-19 guide, which tells Americans to get tested three to five days after travel and self-quarantine for at least seven days to prevent the spread of the new virus.

New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat, was also in Texas on Saturday to help with the crisis. He helped raise more than $ 4 million for Texans for disaster relief and also visited a food bank in Houston, Texas.

“When disaster strikes, this is not just a problem for Texans; this is a problem for our entire country, ”Ocasio-Cortez told reporters. “And our entire country needs to come together and come together to support the needs of Texans across the state.”

She added, “That’s the spirit of New York, that’s the spirit of Texas, and that’s the American spirit.”

Ocasio-Cortez’s reaction to the crisis, given that it happened in a state that she does not represent, has caused people to compare her to Cruz, since she decided to leave her state during the winter storm.

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