Ted Cruz vacations in Cancun while his clients in Texas face blackout due to snowstorm

Senator Ted Cruz.

Stefani Reynolds / Getty Images

To the republican senator Ted Cruz (Texas) thought it a good idea to go on vacation to Cancun, while their clients face serious problems due to lack of electricity in the middle of a snowstorm.

Photographs of Cruz at an airport began circulating on social media Wednesday night.

A Fox News report confirmed, based on a Republican source, that the senator had traveled to the Mexican tourist destination.

“The photos speak for themselves”the source told the television station.

Texas is the state that faces the most problems due to snowfall in the entire country. At least 20 people have died.

On Tuesday, even Cruz published a tweet about it, acknowledging the impacts of the snowfall, in addition to another tweet about his mockery about California and power outages.

“I have no defense. A storm hits Texas and our state is closed. Not good. Stay safe! “, He said.


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