A DEMENTIA charity encourages communities to become more aware of people with the life-changing disease.

Younger People with Dementia (YPWD) is a Berkshire-based charity that helps people under the age of 65 diagnose dementia in young people.

The charity hopes local residents from Bracknell, Wokingham and other areas of Berkshire will fundraise.

Mark Hainy, director of YPWD, said, "We know that there are at least 500 people in Berkshire with this progressive disease, and we want to offer them and their caregivers our unique services.

"The feedback we have received from patients and families is that we are a lifeline in which we give people the opportunity to continue their lives so that they do not become isolated and vulnerable."

Dementia in young people is a progressive disease that develops as the patient ages.

Life can be very different as it slowly takes over the power that limits a person's abilities over time and becomes dependent on a caregiver.

The charity has already diagnosed patients over the age of 40, and people now recognize the symptoms that are due to the disease, which has more awareness.

Mark added, "There is an acute greater awareness of mental health and dementia.

"The fact that more people have been diagnosed shows us that people are more and more aware of what is young dementia."

People diagnosed with dementia in young people can feel incredibly vulnerable and become isolated over time over time.

Dr. Jacqui Hussey, clinical director of YPWD, said, "The charity's group-based activities help to maintain skills, improve quality of life, and bring people together.

"We look forward to the community members who raise funds to continually improve the life experience for people with Young Onset Dementia."

Residents can participate in fundraising for charities through their events, such as: For example, swim the serpentine in Hyde Park, march on Mont Blanc or take part in a 10km challenge in London.

To participate, send an e-mail to contact@YPWD.info or visit ypwd.info/events