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Ondoners will be able to enjoy glorious sunshine this weekend with temperatures soaring as high as 20 degrees, making it the perfect beer garden weather.

Wonderfully warm winds from Spain and the South of France will hit London and the South East starting Saturday.

London is expected to benefit from the warmer weather with temperatures to outshine Rome and Sicily in Italy.

Met Office spokesman Steven Keates said: “We will finally see something a little warmer probably next Saturday. There will certainly be a different feel to the weather compared to what we’ve had for weeks and weeks.


“We will probably have a wetter feeling. If you are staying in a beer garden, the nights may not turn cold as quickly with the warmer air.

“There is some uncertainty about how this will play out, but temperatures could exceed 20 degrees by May 8 or 9.

“London and the M11 corridor seem like a pretty reasonable stab of where it will be hotter on Saturday, depending on how many clouds are around.”

Londoners will benefit the most from the weekend’s heat blast

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Mediterranean weather is expected to spread across the southern half of the UK next weekend with some forecasters forecasting highs of 22 degrees in southeast England on Sunday.

Other parts of the UK are also expected to bask in the sun averaging 20 degrees in England and Wales.

Instead of low pressure with winds coming from the north, the weekend will benefit from low pressure to the west of the UK, bringing a southwest wind into Saturday.

But the hopes of a mini heat wave will depend on the amount of clouds and the amount of sun as a result, explains the Met Office.

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Mr Keates added: “It looks like it will be the south east part of the UK that is most likely to see these higher temperatures creeping up to the 20 degree mark.

“It will be a welcome change for those hoping for warmer weather after a cold start to May. It’s not as chillingly cold as it has been in recent weeks.


“April was remarkably cold, particularly at night, and much of next week will also be cold day and night, so we’ll have to wait until the end of the week for something warm.”

However, there is still the possibility that the warmer air carries with it some clouds and the possibility of rain.

In addition, forecasters predict that the heat wave and sun will be short-lived with below-average temperatures next week with possible heavy rains and strong winds.

Keates added: “It looks like it probably won’t last long, maybe a couple of days of warmer weather before the temperatures drop again.”

“The pronounced east wind will probably carry high pressure north and low pressure south, which could bring quite a bit of rain next week, as well as a fairly strong wind.

“It could be very unpleasant from Tuesday or Wednesday.”

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