After a brief raid through the British record shops for a series of shows in the store and for the promotion of their new album, Kettering's temples are currently touring the US.

The band will be traveling to Europe next month before returning home for a series of British dates in December.

Before we traveled in the States, we talked to bassist Tom Walmsley on the return from Temples to HMV in Kettering.

On the new LP Hot Motion, Walmsley said, "It was really exciting to finally release the album, and also a bit surreal, we've been working on it for almost two years and now it's up to the fans. not us.

"At the end of 2017, we stopped touring the last record and took a break.

"It was the first time in some time that we went back into the studio and just started working on some ideas and getting back into that creative mindset.

"Then we wrote and recorded simultaneously during the year 2018."

Hot Motion is the third LP of the band after Volcano 2017 and Sun Structures 2014.

"Your first record is a statement and the second a response, so your third is the sum of all your parts," Walmsley explained.

"In many ways, it's the most accurate representation of where you are as a band on your journey.

"We think it's a very honest record and we've got in touch with guitars again and they're more in the spotlight."

"The record feels more original, has fewer layers and focuses more on what we consider a band."

On the cover of Hot Motion is the safety curtain of the Royal Theater, painted by Henry Bird. The interior also features the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh at 78 Derngate.

Walmsley said, "I wanted to return to our hometown on this record after having a pretty abstract album cover with Volcano.

"I remember the curtain when I was a kid and it was always a bit puzzling and puzzling.

"It seemed to fit the feel of the record to reinsert this mythical edge into everything, and it was nice to record it.

"It felt right to honor the hometown in this way along with the images of Derngate.

"The Royal is a place we would like to play because it would fit the album cover.

"There are so many wonderful inspiring places in Northamptonshire that it was good to get back in touch with them."

Walmsley is joined by singer and guitarist James Bagshaw and guitarist and keyboardist Adam Smith at Temples. Rens Ottink is a drummer recently.

About her hometown and her decision to play a second time in the city's HMV store, Walmsley said, "It's very important to us to do this in Kettering. We have to play a real show here, but I'm sure the time will come.

"This is a great way to put the finishing touches to our hometown and our homeland.

"Whatever we do in the world, Kettering and Northamptonshire are our headquarters."

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