Temporary causes destruction in Ciudad del Este

The 1st Police Station of Ciudad del Este reported material damage caused by a storm with heavy rains on Tuesday. The Directorate of Meteorology warned about a storm system that entered the country during the morning.

The heavy rain began at around 1:30 p.m. and in a few minutes the stream entered shops and took several motorcycles in its wake, reported Ultima Hora journalist Edgar Medina.


The heavy rain flooded streets and shops in Ciudad del Este.

Video: Gentileza

The water dragged four motorcycles that were on Adrián Jara and Itá Ybaté avenues, one of them from the Leopard brand, yellow and another motorcycle from the Motostar brand, model sk110, black, owned by Adriana Mendoza Sosa.

The third damaged motorcycle is of the Kenton brand, Dakar 200cc model, red, owned by Amado Montiel Antúnez, and the fourth is a Leopard brand, 110cc model, blue, owned by Víctor Ralon Ayala Bogado.

Likewise, several streets became impassable due to the accumulation of water due to the torrential rain.


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