Ten Aliexpress bargains of the ‘Month of Love’: smartphones, televisions and watches

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Although Valentine’s Day has ended in Spain, brands do not give up and continue to launch juicy offers to extend the campaign in a time of scarcity due to COVID. It is the turn of AliExpress, which has us used to a multitude of bargains and today is no exception.

The merchant has launched the “Month of Love” campaign on AliExpress Plaza, which will maintain a series of juicy offers for practically the whole month, ending on February 27. Deliveries will be made in a period of 1 to 3 days from Spain.

We review some of the best bargains of this campaign, with televisions, smartphones, cleaning robots and even home automation devices, such as the Xiaomi scale. There is also no shortage of regular stars, like the famous AirPods Pro and DJI drones in the offers.

Bargains on AliExpress

Little X3 NFC.

Alex White


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AliExpress Plaza has enabled a whole specific website so that we can navigate through the bargains of the “Month of Love”, in which we will find especially juicy offers. We will have, exactly, until February 27 at 08:59 time in Madrid. AliExpress promises delivery in 1 to 3 days, although there could be problems with shipments due to the pandemic and how affected the parcel infrastructure is in Spain.

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