This was the day Leeds stepped on the gas pedal and saw the two-lane road open towards the Premier League, but the ten-man Wigan was thrilled to force her on the shoulder.

Paul Cook's team may have had the worst away record in the entire Football League, but Marcelo Bielsa's players were just as frustrated as the overheated drivers who got stuck on the congested highways around their hometown on Easter.

The Argentine defenders need emergency repairs for this proof if they want to recover and bring Sheffield United to Norwich for the second automatic promotion slot.

Third-placed Leeds are only behind Chris Wilder's side – Nottingham Forest struck – on goal difference and Leeds had 36 shots on goal, but psychologically this meant all the signs of a catastrophic defeat.

Cook's team was not impressed by the early loss of Cedric Kipre due to a controversial red card and scored a decisive victory, taking them five points clear of the last three points. Hats off to Christian Walton for brilliant goalkeeper and Antonee Robinson for a master class in left-back.

Wounded teams are often dangerous, and after a season of sustained blows that brought them to the edge of the relegation zone, Wigan went into defiant mode and apparently wanted to finally fight.

Leon Clarke should have taken an early lead from Antonee Robinson, but instead missed a chance to prove the difference between teams that remain in the championship or land in League One.

No matter that he never really graduated from Chelsea, Patrick Bamford has always considered himself a Premier League caliber and given his rapid acceleration and deceitful movement, Wigan's initial persistence had temporarily disappeared.

Her request was hardly helped, as Kipre was sent quickly and controversially for dealing with Bamford's left foot on the leash. Although Walton Pablo Hernández & # 39; had saved subsequent punishment, Bamford soon pushed through the defense with the ease of a jet plane. With his right foot in contact with Luke Ayling's cross, it seemed inevitable how the subsequent shot went beyond the goalkeeper.

As Elland Road bobbed in the blazing April sun, Leeds rushed forward and Walton did some decent parades, but Cook's side was not quite finished yet. In fact, they threatened in particular in the counterattack with Gavin Massey, who often revealed the vulnerability of Bielsa's right kamikaze backline.

Leeds ignored a few such warnings and regretted it when Kal Naismith and Lee Evans wobbled at half-time to reach Massey. After the central defense had become cold, the attacking midfielder on the right side was allowed to push forward uncontrollably, before he could compensate with a right angled shot with a well-balanced shot.

With repetitions that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the penalty and the red card, Kipre seemed powerless from certain angles not to hit Bamford's shot.

Massey appeared on a mission to get his back back, and after hitting Clarke's padded header, he used his own forehead to score Wigan's second goal.

At the push of a button, the mood changed from a close triumphant to a mixture of unbelievers and displeasure. As the game moved chaotically from end to end, Wigan's Reece James squeezed the crossbar, and then the fans of Leeds settled down, firing rockets at Sam Morsy, the captain of the crew, when he was injured in the penalty area.

A more constructive rage unleashed Leeds flashed on Wigan's box with a flurry of punches and crosses, but Walton continued to save, and Cook's left-back, Robinson, an Everton borrower, defended his defense.