A terminally ill scientist is about to become the first "complete cyborg" in the world; has just undergone the last medical procedure required to become – in his words – "Peter 2.0".

After receiving a motor neuron diagnosis two years ago, Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan chose to fight his disease using his scientific prowess. challenge the very notion of what it means to be human.

Dr. Scott-Morgan, 61, has bravely defeated the limits of this devastating disease that causes muscle wasting. gradually replacing organic body functions with incredible technological tools.

Devon's venerable robot scientist focused his pioneering work on his own body; using the kind of technology that would be out of place in a movie in the outer reaches of space.

Dr. Scott-Morgan has already developed an incredibly realistic avatar of his own face before any muscle loss. by preserving his expressions and his facial reactions.

The pioneering scientist also studied eye tracking technology that could allow him to use multiple computers using only his eyes; allowing her to potentially control her electronic bed with just a glance.

This week, Dr. Scott-Morgan underwent the final procedure to become a "complete cyborg", announcing its milestone news via Twitter:

THIS IS MY LAST POST under the name of Peter 1.0. Tomorrow, I exchange my voice for decades of life as we complete the final medical procedure of my transition to Full Cyborg, the month when I was told statistically that I would be dead. I do not die, I transform myself! Oh, I love science !!!

Dr. Scott-Morgan underwent laryngectomy. give up his physical voice to avoid the risk of saliva potentially entering his lungs.

Most people would be afraid of losing their voice, even if such an operation was necessary. However, Dr. Scott-Morgan is well prepared for this eventuality.

As revealed in an article published on Twitter in January, Dr. Scott-Morgan has already "accumulated" his voice using an advanced voice synthesizer – and impregnated with personality -:

VOICE BANKING – BUT NOT LIKE YOU KNOW IT! I spend 30 hours in this recording studio looking for ways to not only add Expressivity to my existing synth voice, so I do not have a robotic sound, but a certain personality. Really? Really. Really?? Yes really! You know what I mean?!?

In the future, Dr. Scott-Morgan hopes that this advanced technology will help other people with mobility issues and continues to develop, create and disseminate information through the Scott Morgan Foundation.

Dr. Peter Scott-Morgan will be informed through a documentary on Channel 4, which will be broadcast in 2020.

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