Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury's lower gasoline prices on their forecourts.

Asda now lowers the price of unleaded fuel by 3 pence per liter.

Tesco is also cutting fuel costs at its 500 filling stations by up to 3 pence per liter.

According to Asda, people who refuel at one of the 322 petrol stations pay no more than 122.7 pp per liter for unleaded gasoline, while diesel costs as much as 126.7 pp per liter.

Asda gas station
Asda gas station

Dave Tyrer, Senior Fuel Buyer at Asda, said, "With wholesale costs down, we look forward to sharing those savings with our customers."

He also had a pop with their competitors for their fuel campaigns.

He added, "Other supermarkets have taken the path of forcing their customers to spend 40 or 60 pounds in the store before offering money for their fuel."

Tesco's fuel purchasing manager, Rodger Beer, said, "We are lowering fuel prices at our gas stations to save money for our customers."

Sainsbury & # 39; s lowers the price of unleaded gasoline on all 314 aprons by up to 3 pence per liter.

fuel pump

David Pegg, Sainsbury fuel purchasing manager, said: " On the way to autumn after a busy summer, we strive to help our customers live more cheaply, whether they stock up on groceries or fuel their cars.

"That's why we're lowering the price of unleaded gasoline on each of our forecourts by up to 3 pence per liter by Sunday."