A man who stacked shelves in Tesco to make a living quit his minimum wage after earning more than £ 1 million on a £ 6 bet when he felt "happy."

Jason Mandara, the father of three, has donated £ 1,305,269 for a Betfred mobile slot game and is now planning to start his own business after giving up his 12-year career.

He also wants to buy a four-bedroom home, a new car, a classy vacation, and a fancy Christmas for his family.

He told Daily Star, "I can not believe what happened.

Jason placed a bet after saying that he felt happy

He won after making a £ 6 bet on a Megajackpots Cleopatra game

"That kind of money will change my life forever.

"My partner Sian, with whom I've been with for seven years and who like me has always worked very hard, still does not believe what happened."

Warwickshire-based Bedford-born Jason, who had just finished a supermarket shift, was in school trying out Cleopatra's mega-jackpots.

"I had five minutes after I came to school to pick up the kids.

"I felt happy, so I tried the slots because I could see that a jackpot of 1.3 million pounds could be won," he said.

Jason had worked in the same Tesco business for the last 12 years

"I was in a panic at first, having won so much and keeping it to myself.

"I went to bed early because I was so tired after my Tesco shift, and when I woke up, I noticed that I got a call from Betfred, who confirmed that I had actually won."

Jason quit the job for £ 1,300 a month he had at the Bedworth Tesco Store since he was 18, and told his boss he had "just become a millionaire."

"He did not believe me like everyone else, but I gave my notice anyway."

A £ 6 bet earned him £ 1.3 million

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Jason now wants to build a roofing business with his profits and considers investing in real estate.

The family's twin house, owned by Jason's father, and 14-year-old Vauxhall Astra are also undergoing an upgrade.