Tesco worker desperately tried to bury the chef’s body in the park after Grindr Chemsex’s death

A chef who died after being injected with drugs during a chemsex session after meeting a man on Grindr was found by schoolchildren wrapped in sheets and plastic sheets in a park.

Selfish Neil Cuckson had tried to hide the death of Hiran Chauhan, who died after a sexual session during which he was injected with GHB and methacrylate.

A judge slammed thirty-two-year-old Cuckson, who tried to “save his skin” with his desperate and pastries attempts to hide Hiran’s death, leaving the body in his apartment for days and spending hundreds of equipment in a sanding prey. panic.

He even purchased a car specifically to transport the bodywork and dumped Hiran into the woods when he failed to get his body in the vehicle, reports M.E.N.

Cuckson told police “I’m not a murderer, I’ve had a fucking life,” but Judge Alan Conrad QC told him that his actions had “added a lot to the pain” of Hiran’s family.

The judge detained Northern Ireland-born Cuckson for six years at Manchester Crown Court.

Selfish Neil Cuckson left Hiran’s body in his apartment for days and tried desperately to cover it

Cuckson, a Tesco worker, woke up in the morning to find 24-year-old Hiran dead after a chemsex session after meeting him on the gay dating app Grindr.

Hiran, who cooked at the El Capo restaurant in the north of Manchester, had obtained an Uber in the early hours of Cuckson’s Salford apartment.

Cuckson admitted that they both took GHB together and had consensual sex, before injecting Hiran and then himself with crystal meth.

He chose not to alert the police, but instead slept on the floor for several days while Hiran’s body remained on the bed.

Cuckson continued to work at Tesco in central Manchester until he decided to buy a car from Gumtree to remove Hiran’s body.

After moving Hiran from his third floor apartment to his new Suzuki, Cuckson realized he could not lift Hiran’s body in the car.

So he decided to bury him in the park in front of his apartment.

Almost a week later, schoolchildren discovered the body wrapped in sheets and plastic sheets.

Hiran’s family “will never know exactly how and under what circumstances” he died

Hiran’s disappearance sparked a huge appeal from a missing person and made the front page of the Manchester Evening News.

His troubled family traveled from all over the country to attend the appeal after Hiran was reported missing when he didn’t show up for work.

Manchester Crown Court has heard that the family spent an “unbearable” week between the disappearance and the finding of his body.

While being interviewed by the police, Cuckson said, “I didn’t kill him, I didn’t mean to do it, I’m not a murderer and I’ve had a fucking life.”

Judgment, Judge Conrad told Cuckson: “To save your skin and thwart a police investigation, you have embarked on an elaborate plan to eliminate his body.”

Cuckson pleaded guilty to administering a poison or harmful substance to endanger life, perverting the course of justice, preventing a legal burial, providing class A drug crystal meth, providing class C GBH drugs .

The court heard that after leaving work after 10 p.m. on July 2 last year, Hiran and a colleague had gone to McDonald’s to eat before returning home by tram.

He even bought a car, a wheelbarrow and a shovel, but was unable to put Hiran’s body in his car

It was the last time he was seen alive by friends or family, prosecutor Michael Lavery said.

Police later found out that the same evening, Cuckson had already seen a man he met through Grindr to have sex in his apartment.

The man, called “Dave” in court, arrived at around 9:00 pm and left at around 12:30. Cuckson injected him three times and they had sex.

At 12.46, Hiran spoke to Cuckson about Grindr, and they discussed meeting in Cuckson’s apartment and taking drugs.

Cuckson said he would send an Uber to take Hiran to take him to his apartment on Eccles Old Road in Salford.

Hiran arrived at 1.48.

Prosecutors can only rely on what Cuckson told them to describe what happened next.

Cuckson said Hiran appears to be ‘naive’ about drugs, saying he didn’t know slang terms.

He told police that after waking up the following morning, he later realized that Hiran was dead and started panicking.

Cuckson said he tried CPR and noticed that Hiran had vomited.

Schoolchildren found Hiran’s body “covered in flies”

He didn’t call the police because he was still heavily drugged, Cuckson said.

Despite what happened, Cuckson continued to work on Tesco.

At one point he went to Bolton to buy a wheelbarrow to move the body, which he didn’t actually use. He also bought a shovel.

He bought a Suzuki car online from Gumtree for £ 200, to be used to remove Hiran’s body.

Meanwhile, concerns were raised after Hiran didn’t show up for work on July 3rd and 4th, as he expected.

At 9:21 pm on July 4, Hiran was missing from his family.

The later recovered CCTV showed that on July 8, before 2 am, Cuckson tried to move Hiran’s body.

He was unable to put the body in the car, so he took it to a wood in front of his apartment.

On the morning of July 9, a woman met two 14-year-old schoolchildren who had gathered around a plastic-covered “package” that was said to be “full of flies”.

Did he call the police. He also noticed Cuckson, who stood with his Tesco jacket looking at her, as well as others.

He said the man didn’t seem shocked and found it odd that he didn’t interact with any of the other viewers.

Hiran’s body was recovered and his credit card was found in one of his pockets.

Hiran’s body was decomposed and the usual toxicological tests were wasted to determine how he died

He was later identified by his mother by his tattoos, one of which had numbers referring to his date of birth.

About 9:45 pm that night, the police learned of a suspicious man who turned out to be Cuckson.

He seemed to hesitate when he saw the police and changed the direction he was walking.

He also wore the same distinctive clothing he had previously seen on CCTV.

Cuckson “somewhat reluctantly” allowed the officers to enter his apartment.

The officers noticed a “pungent smell” and saw that there were no beds on the bed.

When asked about his movements, Cuckson said he had been in a sauna in the northern district but had been closed.

After officers told Cuckson that they would check his alibi with his employers, Cuckson became “visibly unstable on his feet” and started to sweat and said he thought he would pass out.

He was initially arrested on suspicion of murder.

While being taken to a police station, Cuckson made “unsolicited” comments to the officers.

He said, “He went too far, that’s what happened, I didn’t kill him.

He added: “He just went too far, that’s what happened. I fell asleep and woke up the next morning and he was still asleep next to me.

“I slapped him and realized he wasn’t breathing and tried to revive him. I thought about calling the police, but I was panicked.

“I don’t know why, there was only vomiting on all the bed linen.”

The usual toxicological tests conducted by pathologists to investigate how people died proved inconclusive, because Hiran’s body was decomposed.

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Judge Conrad said: “Vital toxicology in this case has been frustrated. This has contributed greatly to the pain of his family.

“They will never know exactly how, and under what circumstances Hiran Chauhan, whom they loved so much, actually died.”

The judge said that significant public resources were used during the investigation.

In defense, Michael James said that Cuckson, a retail manager, is sorry for what he has done.

James said Cuckson got stuck in a “bizarre situation” because of the decisions he made.

He said Cuckson collaborated with the police after he was arrested and helped officers retrieve Hiran’s phone from some bushes in the city center where he had downloaded it.

James claimed that Cuckson realizes that “he can never apologize enough”, but that he has shown “real remorse”.


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