Test and opinion of the quality of the Xiaomi Mi 11 screen


One of the smartphones that is thought to reign in the current market is the Xiaomi Mi 11. We have tested this device to know the quality it offers and, in this case, we will tell you if the screen it integrates is good enough to become one of the top screens out there today.

The truth is that reviewing the hardware that includes the Xiaomi Mi 11 it is quite clear that, at least on paper, it has nothing to send to the one that can be found in models that are high-end (an example is the Samsung Galaxy S21 ). Thus, what this device offers is a 6.81-inch AMOLED panel with a small curvature that does not disturb and that combines excellent quality, since for example it is compatible with HDR10 + contents and a most sensible consumption. The resolution of this component is 3,200 x 1,440 pixels, so together with its ratio of 20: 9 and a frequency that reaches the 120 Hz meets perfectly as a high-end.

Front of the Xiaomi Mi 11

Something that we think is very important to know about the screen of the smartphone we are talking about is that it has excellent protection, since there is a layer Corning Gorilla Glass Victus which is one of the best on the market (and the truth is that in the tests it has been clear to us that on a day-to-day basis you will not have any problems). Also, it is very interesting to indicate that it has a pixel density of 515 dpi, so we have verified that the definition when reading the letters or everything that is displayed on the screen is excellent no matter how small the detail is.

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Xiaomi Mi 11 screen corner

Image quality among the best, hands down

The truth is that the image quality that this component has is simply excellent, and the resolution it has is appreciated, since we are in a high-end range and less would be something that would have to be justified very well. The image quality of the Xiaomi Mi 11 component is amazing, with very realistic colors and of great intensity without extra tendencies and with a contrast that should be highlighted, since it is precise as possible. Something that we really liked is the brightness, since on the one hand it adjusts in an excellent way in the automatic mode and, in what has to do with the power we have measured peaks above 1,000 actual nits, a brand that places it among the best. The truth is that the screen is simply excellent.

In what has to do with the operation of the frequency of the 120 HzIt must be said that everything is going perfectly and dynamically, but it is true that when checking the fluidity it offers it is somewhat lower than what we have seen in the Galaxy S21 (since the speed level jumps are less smooth ). But, the truth is that its behavior is more than enough so that the experience with multimedia content, and especially with games, is very good. The fact is that the adjustment is done automatically and quite successfully, so its impact on consumption is reduced.

Options in the Xiaomi Mi 11 software

There are quite a few included, apart from being able to adjust the color by default. In our game the best for day to day is the Saturated, but the possibilities do not work badly in general. It should also be noted that options are offered to change the resolution or everything that has to do with frequency. And, most important of all this, is that the possibilities they are managed in a very simple way.

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Something that we want to highlight to finish is that the Artificial intelligence to improve the experience you have in all kinds of situations, and the truth is that it works well and you can see the use of this option. Thus, it is noticed that the colors are optimized and that even the transitions go much better. Good addition.

Xiaomi Mi 11 phone screen

In short, at the moment the screen that is included in the Xiaomi Mi 11 is of the best you can find currently on the market … for what is expected of this model is more than met and progress is maintained in this section that generation by generation is noticeable in the smartphones of the Asian company, Great job.

Written by Ivan Martin

February 19, 2021

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