Thanks blizzard for the Demon Hunter non-interaction – General Discussion

Blizzard has always said for a long time that it does not like non-interactive decks, that is, that you cannot do anything to avoid it, and that the other simply makes their game independent of what the other does. The rogue mission was nerfed countless times, or similar decks. (And that at least you could fight for the table).

It’s funny, because all of a sudden they create a class called Demon Hunter. Since it came out, it is the deck that rules.
All the meta revolves around the demon hunter. If you are able to somehow beat him, you can become a tier1 or tier2, otherwise, you are slop.
It is the least interactive class I have ever seen in my life. He does not care about the table, he does not care what you provoke, he does not care absolutely everything, you just have to go to the face, and nothing more. It is done.

Actions that are done to avoid it and result:

  • What do you put to provoke, “Magic Consumption”: silence and draw a card for 1 crystal
  • That you get to put 3 provokes, it does not matter, “Dance of leaves”, for two mana I destroy 3 creatures.
  • That you are bothering him by setting the table in time and you are hurting him, it does not matter, he has cards that do both, fight the table and damage. “Lapidaria de Almas”, a creature that apart from giving you +5 damage that ALWAYS goes to your face, gives you 5/5 for 5.
  • That you have put a lot of table of little creatures, and you are bothering him. For 3 mana, it deals 3 damage to everything.
  • That you have managed to survive many turns, and you have a lot to provoke to close the game. I put a legendary one that literally goes beyond provoking everything.
  • That after all, you have managed to provoke and heal yourself, it does not matter, with the legendary that life theft hurts the face, solved.
  • That you get to do a lot of direct damage. To the demon hunter. He does not care! With soul shards and his healing weapon he heals better than any class. More than Paladin, Priest and Warlock together. Super logical.
  • And of course, the jewel in the crown. You can’t play attrition against Demon Hunter, because it draws an extra card per turn on average (or more). His cards only have 3 functions: Either you draw, or it hurts the face, or whatever bothers me at your table, I destroy it with amazing ease.

Then what do I do? Do I force myself to create classes that counter the demon hunter?

You have 2 options:

  1. You create a deck with all provoke and heal, just like the Resurrection Priest or the Paladin treated.
  2. You kill him before, (something very difficult seeing what he steals and the damage he does per turn).

Is this what Blizzard wants from Hearhstone? It’s amazing. Do something in a damn time, this is a shame.

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