That democracy is not a victim of Covid: Luis Arce – Society and Justice

Mexico City. Luis Arce Catacora, president of Bolivia, warned yesterday that many governments in the world have used the Covid-19 pandemic to violate democratic rights.

In a message at the virtual international seminar Public Policies for a Social Transformation, organized by the Program of Studies on Democracy, Justice and Society of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), he called to prevent democracy from being a victim of the coronavirus.

Arce considered it very important that the countries of South America remain united in order to accelerate the regional and Latin American responses to resolve these issues that we are facing in common.

Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that the nations of the region should collaborate to seek an agreement through which the richest countries assume joint responsibility with the rest of the nations to guarantee economic recovery.

The pandemic is going to leave us with an increase in inequality and a regression of what we had advanced in Latin America and around the world. So far, the responses that we have seen from the countries that have more economic resources are designed for their markets and their societies, but there is not a sufficient response for the others, he regretted.

If we do not all participate in the post-pandemic recovery, it will not be possible to recover or generate well-being, he said. For this reason, Mexico promotes that next year a special assembly be held at the United Nations Organization so that rich nations assume joint responsibility in reducing inequality.

Ebrard praised the government of former President Evo Morales and said that the achievements of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) –which is also Arce’s party– are a source of inspiration. So far in the 19th century, he said, in all of Latin America no one has been able to match Bolivia in its social results: they reduced poverty by a proportion of more than half since 2006, the majority was governed, the education and health infrastructure, and people’s freedom was respected.

John Ackerman, coordinator of Puedjs-UNAM, pointed out that Bolivia’s feat, the victory of Luis Arce, is a message to the peoples of the world that it is possible to walk the path of peace, of institutions and of elections to conquer the humanitarian spirit and democratic politics, even with huge national and international forces against it.


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