That the Democratic Center supported Trump would not be positive for Duque’s relations with Joe Biden

Iván Duque, president of Colombia with Joe Biden, president of the United States Photo: private file.

In 2020 several members of the Government party, The Democratic Center, showed their support for former President Donald Trump to govern the United States for the second time. These demonstrations of democratic solidarity, which were reflected on a more daily basis by Senator María Fernanda Cabal and the Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Francisco Santos, would be counterproductive for President Iván Duque Márquez.

According to the political scientist Gilberto Tobón Sanín, who has extensive experience in international politics, and spoke with the Pulzo portal, the support of the members of Uribe, and who serve in the Duque government, is part of the “infinite blunders” that the president allowed.

Maria Fernanda Cabal IG

Maria Fernanda Cabal IG

For Tobón, That the politicians of the Democratic Center supported Trump, today a former Republican president, is a “tamale” or an “account” that they “have saved” for President Duque. In dialogue with Pulzo, the political scientist assured that since Joe Biden took office as president of the North American nation, he has not established communications with the Colombian head of state.

The political scientist told this Colombian media that the US government, contrary to what President Duque assures, seeks to encourage the Colombian State to implement the peace agreement with the FARC. “Duque is not an intelligent man, he is a nice man good at animating parties, because he dances and does magic tricks”, political scientist Tobón a Pulzo.

And it is that the relations between Colombia and the United States have been a recurring theme since the arrival of Joe Biden to the White House. In fact, the speculation about the dynamics between the new North American president and the President of the Republic, Iván Duque, has not been missing since it was learned that the second did not attend the possession of the American.

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Iván Duque and Joe Biden.  / Photos: Colprensa

Iván Duque and Joe Biden. / Photos: Colprensa

However, the House of Nariño had said little about it until this afternoon, when the Colombian president himself declared that the Democratic leader of the United States is a friend and ally of Colombia.

According to Semana Magazine, President Duque recalled, as he did on the day of Biden’s inauguration, that “There has been a bipartisan relationship with the United States and this is how we can see it in the multiple presidential successions of the last 20 years ”. It is, he added, a feature that the country wants to preserve.

Additionally, Duque noted “That President Biden was one of the architects of Plan Colombia in the United States Congress”, as well as one of the architects of the Binational Business Council; both strategies with high political, economic, social and security impact.

For these reasons, he added that the arrival of his new American counterpart becomes a motivator to advance agendas that seem consonant on issues such as climate change, business development of creative industries and attention to the migrant.

The statements of the Colombian president are presented just one day after the spokeswoman for the US State Department, Namita Biggings, responded to La FM yes, indeed, Joe Biden esteems Colombia but not Iván Duque, ensuring that “there is no reason to say that.”

The official also pointed out that “Colombia continues to be a very important partner, we continue to collaborate with the Government of Iván DuqueWe have a team in the State Department that works on bilateral relations and we also have the ambassador in Colombia focused on that, ”and he reiterated that the country is the third largest trade partner of the United States in Latin America.

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On the other hand, and to highlight the bipartisan spirit that he seeks to protect, Duque referred to former Republican President Donald Trump. With this, he said, “We also worked on the attention to the migrant, on the mobilization of resources not only for security, but also for development programs, related to qualifications, with alternative development, or in programs with a territorial focus ”.

As Semana well points out, although the country leaders have not met, and they have said little about each other, relations between Colombia and the United States seem to be on the right track.

In the first place, there is the fact that Colombia was present in Biden’s possession, represented by Ambassador Francisco Santos. Do not forget that, as professor and political analyst Lara Brown explained in a State Department talk for the foreign press center, It is tradition that the United States invites emissaries instead of the leaders of different countries, to avoid sending or receiving erroneous political messages.

Second, there is the meeting between Foreign Minister Claudia Blum with the Secretary of State of the United States, Antony Blinken, in which, according to the official, They talked about the post-pandemic reactivation, the defense of democracy in the region, the situation facing the neighboring country of Venezuela, the fight against climate change and comprehensive strategies against transnational crime and drug trafficking. A) Yes, the only thing missing is a summit between Biden and Duque.


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