The 15 lucky ones who played with Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi

Playing with one of the greats is one thing, but playing with two is absolutely the next level, and only 16 players in history have been lucky enough to play on the same team as both of them. Cristiano Ronaldo Y Lionel Messi.

Before their meeting on the Champions League field today, here is an overview of who played as the two soccer titans:

He played for three years with Ronaldo on Real Madrid and with Messi on the Argentine national team.

He was Ronaldo’s teammate at Manchester United and Messi’s teammate at La Albiceleste for three years.

He spent the first part of his United career with Ronaldo as he headed to his first Ballon d’Or victory and witnessed all six of Messi’s awards.

Gomes is a slightly left-wing member of the club. It is run by Ronaldo for Portugal and spent two years as Messi’s teammate in Barcelona.

Excellent ties to Ronaldo at Real Madrid, who won the 2014 Champions League. Argentina has played 100 games for his country after his national team bowed two years after Messi.

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He opened it with Ronaldo in the Premier League and made two Copa América finals with Argentina while playing with Messi.

He spent four years in Messi’s company in international football, in addition to two seasons with Ronaldo at Juventus.

He also played on the same front as the two titans of world football and is a current partner of the duo, who was taken over by Juve last season.

Image: PA
Image: PA

He won back-to-back La Liga titles with the same team as Messi in Barcelona and won the UEFA Nations League with Ronaldo a year ago.

He played two seasons with Ronaldo in Madrid and made his debut in Argentina in 2007 before playing a World Cup final with Messi seven years later.

He was associated with Messi in his early days in Barcelona, ​​representing Portugal alongside Ronaldo.

Image: PAImage: PA
Image: PA

He won the 2009 Champions League alongside Messi against Ronaldo’s United in Rome before joining Juventus in January 2019.

Free kick duties shared with Ronaldo at Juventus, where the pair won two consecutive Scudettos. Now Messi’s teammates in Barcelona with Ronald Koeman.

Image: PAImage: PA
Image: PA

He broke the League with Messi in Catalonia and later joined Ronaldo in Turin in an exchange with Pjanic.

The 20-year-old has teamed up with Messi and Ronaldo this year after sealing a dream move from Braga to Barcelona and joining Ronaldo for the first time in the 0-0 draw between Portugal and Spain in October.

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