The 5 best Xiaomi wireless headphones for smartphones

The wireless headphones are one of the most useful devices for smartphone and there are certainly many varied prices and features, but you can come across those of Xiaomi which generally has one of the best value for money, we show you 5 of the best you can find.

There are many types and technologies of wireless hearing aids, although all of them are identified by connecting wirelessly with the smartphone, they also have audio characteristics that vary a lot depending on the price and the model, the positive part of Xiaomi is that they are all quite cheap.

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Best Xiaomi Wireless Headphones

As we mentioned before, these headphones They are of basic characteristics and cheap prices, but you can be sure that they are of a very good quality. You can buy them directly from the official Xiaomi site, where you usually find very good promotions.

  • My True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2 – about $ 499 Mexican pesos.
  • My True Wireless Earphones Lite – about $ 1199 Mexican pesos.
  • My True Wireless Earbuds (Airdots) – about $ 549 Mexican pesos.
  • My True Wireless Earphones 2 – about $ 899 Mexican pesos.
  • My Bluetooth Audio Reciever – about $ 499 Mexican pesos.
Xiaomi cheapest wireless earphone models Photo: Xiaomi

The last of these Xiaomi devices is one of the most curious, since it turns any hearing aid into wireless, and it is that you simply have to connect them to the cable, and this receiver connects to your smartphone, doing the same function as a TWS.

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None of these hearing aids have features like the active noise cancellation, since it is something much more technological that you can buy with other types of brands such as Apple or Huawei.


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