the 9,036-piece Roman Coliseum, this is its price and availability in Mexico

One of the most iconic historical monuments in Rome now has its version in LEGO and became the largest set of the company: the Roman Colosseum has 9,036 pieces.

The toy maker assured in a statement that builders will be able to recreate many details because their columns were faithfully recreated, has 80 pieces in the stands for spectators, just like the original, and features three shades of brick color to replicate aging.

This epic LEGO model features a recreation of the Colosseum’s three different stories, with each of these stories adorned with columns of the Doric, Ionic and Corinthian orders.

Lego Colosseum details

A new record

The 9,036 pieces of the Colosseum snatched the rrecord of the biggest LEGO toy that until now was the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars with 7,541 pieces launched on the market in 2017.

According to Rok Zgalin Kobe, one of the set designers who worked on the LEGO Roman Coliseum, the already assembled toy measures 27 cm in height, 59 cm in length and 52 cm in width.

LEGO recommends this brick kit for builders ages 18 and up. It will be available in retail stores and at the company page from November 27. Its price in Mexico will be 10,999 pesos.

The building experience has also been carefully expertly created to match the same process as the original monument.

In addition, LEGO incorporated an oval base on which the construction rests, allowing it to be displayed from any angle.

Lego Colosseum BoxLego Colosseum Box

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