The AirPods Max warranty does not cover replacement ear pads.

Apple does not deliver new AirPods Max ear pads

In MacRumors they have echoed the experience of a user who has had to request a replacement for their AirPods Max. The reasons that led him to contact Apple’s technical service have not been made public and the truth is that it might not have much to do with the matter at hand. The fact is that this user requested the repair from home, a common program in Apple and that has become more popular with the pandemic, so the user has had to send Apple their headphones to receive replacement ones. The surprise comes to see that Apple did not include new pads.

This it is not a negative thing either and it could be seen as something beneficial if we consider that in the end what is intended with this is not to waste components that are easily separated from the damaged headphones and that a priori do not present any problem. It is possible that if the failures detected in the headphones affected the earpads, these would come under warranty and two replacements would be obtained for each ear. However, it is strange when compared to the AirPods Pro replacements, which always include replacement ear pads.

Apple does not comment on cases of condensation

At the moment it has not been presented in a generalized way, but the few cases that have been found have been very controversial and that is that some have complained that the AirPods Max emit condensation. Without going any further, here in Spain Marc Alonso explained it in a Twitter thread in which he also gave a more technical point of view about the reason why this is happening in some units of these headphones.

As Alonso explains, it is possible that future batches of AirPods Max will solve these problems. However, Apple has not yet issued any comment about it and whether it is covered by the warranty or not. Attending to other similar cases in regards to initial problems with products, the company has taken care of the repair and has offered free replacements, so it is possible that those who experience this problem and go to more can receive free support even without the need for the company to officially announce a repair program. In any case, we will continue to be attentive to these problems in order to know for sure what it is that causes this obvious condensation to be emitted.

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