The AirTag will maintain the user’s privacy even if it is not the best


AirTags are one of those devices that when they go on the market, we will know so much about them that we will be surprised by nothing they are capable of doing. According to some analysts we know the shape and size they will have. We will also know their main functionalities and on these, we now know that they will respect people’s privacy even when it is not a good idea to do so. Thanks to Apple and how it understands this concept of privacy.

Apple Privacy

Apple Privacy

AirTags have a very simple but very effective function. It is about being able to find those devices that we cannot locate by means of their location on the map. To do this, it uses the same strategies as Find my iPhone / iPad / Mac … etc. Locate the device or object on which it is is inserted or attached.

What happens if someone puts an AirTag in our bag without us knowing? Apple has also thought about it and has planned that in these situations the person carrying the device is alerted and can Get instructions on how to disable the tracking device.

In the latest beta of iOS 14.3 for developers, it was seen how users could be warned about the improper use of AirTags. This was detected by the developer and contributor to MacRumors, Steve Moser.

In one of the code strings it says »If you feel your safety is at risk from this item, contact your local police. You may need the serial number for this item. ” Other evidence indicates that Apple could alert users with a ‘unknown accessory detected»If they carry a tracking device that does not belong to them. This object has been moving with you for a while. The owner can see your location, ”an alert reads.

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