The Alan Hardy-owned hotel opens its doors to NHS staff and key workers free of charge

A hotel owned by former Notts County President Alan Hardy has opened its doors to NHS staff and key workers to stay for free.

The Residence boutique hotel has started hosting emergency workers, NHS staff and key workers to support members of Nottingham’s critical community during the coronavirus crisis.

The Nottinghamshire Golf and Country Club, near Cotgrave and Stragglethorpe, which boasts the on-site hotel, has closed the hotel for commercial use and is currently in the process of allocating 29 rooms to emergency services, NHS workers and those who they live with vulnerable people.

The gesture of Alan Hardy, owner of Nottinghamshire, and his management team have a “full commitment” to cover the cost of accommodation during the pandemic, both with the managing director Amanda Fletcher and with the head of operations, Jane Rudkin , now self-insulating on site for the foreseeable future.

Notts County chief Alan Hardy is the only director of Paragon Leisure, according to Companies House
Alan Hardy, former owner of Notts County.

Amanda and Jane have left their families to provide guests with everything they need for a place to stay.

Nottinghamshire closed its doors to all members and the public until government guidelines changed to allow golf to be played again.

Amanda Fletcher said: “Nottinghamshire received its first requests for help from three NHS nurses and police members to host them during this pandemic so that they can stay healthy, their families safe and allow them to concentrate. about putting patients and the public first.

“The sacrifice they are making, as key workers, is exceptional during this crisis, so the least we can do is offer our beautiful hotel accommodation for these people, hoping to ease some of the stress they experience. Jane and I be on site at all times to make sure they are as comfortable and stable as possible. “

The hotel has been loaned to anyone who needs it and now has 10 keyworkers booked, totally free.


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