the alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

NIU already has its electric scooter

Known for its incredible fleet of electric motorcycles spread all over the world, NIU has an incredible reputation in the world of electrified personal transportation. And of course, taking into account its importance, it was to be expected that they would be encouraged by one of the products that has most caught on among the general public in terms of electric mobility: the electric scooter or scooter.

The brand has announced its new Kick Scooter, a scooter similar to other brands that allows vertical movement without a seat, perfect for moving around the city without traffic complications or depending on fuel.

What does this Kick Scooter offer?

NIU Kick Scooter

The brand has presented two models: the NIU Kick Scooter Sport and the NIU Kick Scooter ro, which, as you can imagine, offer similar characteristics unlike a more powerful motor in the case of the Pro version. The first model mounts a motor of 300W, while that of the Pro is 350W, reaching 600W peak power.

Depending on their distribution, both models will offer different specifications due to the regulations of each country. And it is that in the United States these scooters will reach higher speed than in Europe. These are its characteristics:

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NIU Kick Scooter Sport

  • United States: Maximum speed of 30 km / h and range of 40 kilometers
  • Europe: Maximum speed of 25 km/h and autonomy of 40 kilometers

NIU Kick Scooter Pro

  • United States: Maximum speed of 332 km / h and range of 50 kilometers
  • Europe: Maximum speed of 25 km/h and autonomy of 50 kilometers

NIU Kick Scooter

Both models have a dual regenerative brake, 9.5-inch wheels and weigh between 18.5 and 20 kilos, being able to carry people weighing up to 100 kilos. These scooters have an automatic Bluetooth unlocking system that will link our mobile and the scooter through the official application, a software that will also serve to know the accumulated statistics of use and to update the device through OTA updates.

How much they cost?

NIU Kick Scooter

These models will be available in different finishes (some areas of the skate will have a color), and you can choose between 6 different versions. These models will reach the European market in July, being able to make the first reservations through the official website in June.

As for prices, the manufacturer has only announced the base price of the Sport model, which will be 599 euros. This will possibly be the main handicap to fight against Xiaomi’s dominance, so we will see what acceptance these NIU models have in the different markets.

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