The announcement of Stephen Miller ‘s marriage in the New York Times provokes reactions United States news

By all accounts it was a beautiful day for a white wedding. On Sunday, Stephen Miller, Donald Trump’s best immigration adviser, married Katie Waldman. Waldman, who currently serves as Mike Pence’s press secretary, was previously a spokesperson for the Internal Security Department under Kirstjen Nielsen.

Of course, the loving couple held the wedding, which the president attended, in one of his properties, the Trump International Hotel in Washington DC.

The news of the marriage was reported in the New York Times, just like any other high-powered DC couple, hiding any mention of the couple’s ideology within the hyperlinks.

But it led to a series of online convictions, triggered by Miller ‘s position and registered as one of the longest – serving members of the Trump administration, which has been the driving force behind policies such as the Muslim ban and the family separation policy at the border.

Last year, Democrats asked for Miller to resign after hundreds of his emails promoting white nationalism were revealed to right-wing journalists. Meanwhile, Waldman has defined asylum seekers at the border as a “violent mob of migrants” and accused them of attacking border agents. He also fired groups of migrants who travel together like a media hoax.

The New York Times’ simplistic marriage announcement about the ceremony made the comment hostile.

saira rao

Stephen Miller is a white nationalist who helped Trump invent and execute violent racist and xenophobic policies.

The New York Times has just published an announcement of Miller ‘s wedding as if he were an esteemed statesman.

Here is how mainstream media supports fascism.

February 17, 2020

Christopher Mathias

Given everything we know about Stephen Miller, it seems like a massive renunciation of the journalistic duty to publish a normalizing announcement of his marriage in @nytimesvowsand to publish the announcement without mentioning that he is a white nationalist

February 17, 2020

The comedians had a field day.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee seized on the news of the wedding to launch a register in their honor.

“Stephen Miller made his life’s mission to strip all compassion and understanding from American immigration policy,” it reads.

“As a thank you, we at Full Frontal want to give him a wedding gift that we know he will hate.” A wish list of charity items that help asylum seekers and migrants such as gloves, underwear and socks is included.

Critics have not punched.

Richard W. Painter

He is our Joseph Goebbels.
Will it be our Magda Goebbels?

Who is Katie Waldman? Four facts about Stephen Miller’s wife after the couple’s wedding at Trump Hotel

February 17, 2020

Barbara Malmet
(@ B52Malmet)

Katie Waldman and Stephen Miller Wed at Trump Hotel – when you marry the architect of cruelty, the banality of evil, the racist leader next to the racist in chief, is your wedding dress made from the tears of traumatized immigrant children? It’s true love?

February 17, 2020

Even the political symbolism of the wedding singer has been carefully examined.

Nikki McCann Ramírez

Stephen Miller had an Elvis impersonator at his wedding in homage to another man who stepped on the POC to build a career.

February 17, 2020

Even if the bride herself didn’t seem put off.

Katie Rose Miller

The most perfect day, the most perfect man surrounded by more love than we both could have imagined.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Miller


February 17, 2020

The truth is that U.S. immigration policy is not a laughing matter.

Over two thirds of migrants fleeing Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador suffered the murder, kidnapping or disappearance of a loved one before leaving, according to Doctors Without Borders.

Dozens of migrants died in ice custody during the Trump administration. At least 200 migrants deported to El Salvador have been raped, murdered or tortured.


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