The Apple App Store invoices 28% more during 2020

App Store earnings 2020

Apple’s app store continues to show that it is still far from its ceiling when it comes to annual earnings. Despite the fact that the past year has been a very exceptional one – or perhaps because of it – the Cupertino boys have raised more money with their App Store during 2020 than in any other year in history.

Specifically, information from CNBC indicate that Apple’s App Store had a turnover of 28% more during 2020 than during 2019, an impressive growth that translates into revenues of approximately 64,000 million dollars. To be clearer, in 2019 those figures had been 50,000 million dollars, just 3% more than in 2018, with their 48,500 million dollars that now sound like little.

Of course, the situation of pandemic and confinement has affected many of the habits of users, something that is demonstrated when we see that Tinder has become the app that produces the most money in the App Store. Video calling and food delivery apps have also gained ground, given our new needs.

Now, it remains to be seen what happens in the coming months and the final balances of 2021, when the new regulations of the Californian that reduce their commissions to small developers have already come into effect. Meanwhile, yes, the large studios will continue to give up 30% of their profits, which suggests that Apple could continue to increase its income next year.

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