The Argentine poet Alberto Szpunberg died in Barcelona

Alberto Szpunberg had received several awards

The poet, university professor and journalist Alberto Szpunberg, author of a work in which they stand out His fire in lukewarmness, El che amor and The book of Judith, He died today at the La Alianza hospital in Barcelona where he was hospitalized with a delicate health condition that was complicated a few days ago, due to Covid-19.

Szpunberg was born on September 28, 1940 in Buenos Aires, he served as professor of Argentine Literature and director of Literature and Classical Languages ​​at the University of Buenos Aires and was editor of the newspaper The opinion, where he directed the cultural supplement between 1975 and 1976.

He was co-founder of the Masetti Brigade, was a member of the People’s Guerrilla Army (EGP) and went into exile in El Masnou (Barcelona, ​​Spain) in May 1977, he was also a correspondent for the Nueva Nicaragua Agency, in Paris in 1983 and returned to the country in 1984. Between 2001 and 2002 he gave classes on the subject “Literature and Politics” at the Popular University of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo.

Szpunberg was distinguished with numerous local and international awards for his poetic work, including “His fire in warmth”, “Notes” (1987), “La encendida calm” (2002), “Luces que a la dista” ( 2008), “El libro de Judith” (2008) and “Traslados” (2002).

He received, among others, the 1983 Alcalá de Henares Poetry Prize for “His fire in warmth” and in 1993 the Antonio Machado International Poetry Prize for “Luces que a la dista”.

This year the National Library honored him with the publication of the book Guardians of Piatock: glances at Alberto Szpunberg, which rescues his figure and poetry from a set of poems selected and commented on by different cultural leaders.

The book that brings together texts from Horacio González, Teresa Parodi, Judith Said, Jorge Elbaum, Lilian Garrido, Eduardo Romano, Alicia Genovese, Rafael Vásquez, Jorge Quiroga, Roberto Baschetti, Susana Szwarc, Araceli Lacore, César Stroscio, Jorge Sarraute, Eduardo Jozami, María Rosa Mó, Julián Axat, Eugenia Straccali, María Malusardi, Emiliano Bustos, Jonio González, Boris Katunaric, Carlos Aldazábal, Miguel Martínez Naón, Fernanda De Broussais, Graciela Daleo Y Juan Sasturain, is the publication that marked the return of the publishing house of the Library, after four years of inactivity.

Szpunberg was born in 1940

Szpunberg was born in 1940

The book was an original idea of Judith Said, who compiled the works together with Lilian Garrido Y Miguel Martínez Naón, and can be read in

Upon learning of his death, the institution directed by Sasturain remembered him as a “journalist, militant militant, teacher, but always a poet, he leaves his words inscribed in the heat of time.”

“Szpunberg’s voice still sounds in the videos that evoke his presence in this house where he has left a sensitive mark. Sounds that ride from the lyric to the combat, from the colloquial voice to the speech, signify a work that has been retracing history through its gaze “, highlighted the authorities of the institution that received the donation of its personal library from its daughters.

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