An hour-long dispute between armed police officers and a man who had made "threats to harm" in a Kingsholm apartment has come to a peaceful conclusion.

Shortly before 6:00 pm, officers saw a man marching from a block of flats in Columbia Close, Kingsholm. He was put in a police car and driven out.

There was a huge police presence in the street, including several armed officers and one carrying a large chainsaw after he had injured himself and officers present.

A Gloucestershire Constabulary statement earlier stated that specially trained negotiators were on the scene. Kordons were placed around the apartments, and residents could not enter or leave.

A statement said, "The police are investigating threats of threats by a person held in a home in Columbia Close, Gloucester, with threats of self-harm and threats were also made to our attending officials.

"Our specially trained negotiators are present and arrangements were made during the incident to protect the public from potential harm."