"I went outside and there was a guy sitting on a ledge at the Home Office, everyone else was running, but he just got up and put something in his backpack, then walked down the street.

"When I did not realize he had anything to do with what was going on, I went back to the office and saw a couple standing outside, saying that it was he, it's him, the man with the backpack , he waved the knife around! & # 39;

"I said," no one goes after him? "He was slim but tall, dark-haired, young – probably around the age of 20. He just looked like a spectator, he was very casual."

SAlvatore D & # 39; Auria, 41, who runs a restaurant opposite the Home Office, said, "I saw a man come out, he was in his fifties, and there was blood all over his face and front.

"It looked like his shirt had been torn open at the back and there were police and paramedics everywhere."