the arsenal carrying alias ‘MacGyver’

A judge from the municipality of Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca, issued an assurance measure in a prison against alias ‘MacGyver’, dangerous leader of the gang The Local, one of those that has terrified the inhabitants of that port.

Alias ​​’MacGyver’ was charged with the crime of carrying weapons, then meet him ammunition, a revolver and one granada.

His arrest, according to the Office of the Attorney General of the Nation, was achieved in a search operation carried out by uniformed members of the Police Gaula in a house in the neighborhood Singing Stones.

According to what human sources stated, that house was used by members of the criminal gang to “storing firearms, fragmentation grenades, ammunition, and money from extortion and kidnapping”.

During his capture, the police found him a 38 caliber revolver, four 22 caliber cartridges and a fragmentation grenade.

At the hearings, the judge handling the case charged him with the crime of carrying weapons.

Although denied the pointing, was transferred to the District Jail, where he will fulfill the security measure.

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