The Assad regime committed a chemical massacre in Douma

The United Kingdom confirmed the Assad regime’s involvement in the Douma massacre, which took place three years ago, in which more than forty Syrian citizens were killed. The British Minister of State for the Middle East and North Africa, James Cleverley, said in a statement yesterday: “3 years ago, the Assad regime committed a war crime when it targeted the Douma area with chlorine, which caused the death of more than 40 Syrian citizens, including children.” And Cleverley added: “The reports prepared by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons confirmed this attack, and all indications point to the involvement of the Assad regime.”

In the context, the Syrian Civil Defense published, through its official Twitter account, a statement on the anniversary of the Syrian regime’s attack with “internationally prohibited” chemical weapons on the neighborhoods of the city of Douma three years ago on April 7, 2018, which killed dozens of civilians, including children and women. .

The statement said: It has been three years since the Douma chemical attack, in which more than 40 civilians were killed, including 12 children and 15 women, after the Assad regime’s helicopters targeted the city with canisters loaded with toxic materials, which was the beginning of the Civil Defense’s tweets about that massacre.

He added that the seventh of April 2018 was a day when souls were suffocating and still suffocating, waiting for justice from the war criminals who bombed innocents in Douma without mercy or mercy.

Confirming from the Civil Defense Organization that the regime had carried out that attack, its tweets added what was proven by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in its report issued in March 2019, and the results of medical and environmental samples collected by the Fact-Finding Committee from the targeting site that showed the use of “molecular chlorine”. Through two cylinders that were found at the site of the attack, and believed they were most likely thrown from the air, according to that report.

The statement added that the lack of seriousness on the part of the international community and the United Nations in holding the Assad regime accountable for the crimes it committed by using forbidden chemical weapons and other weapons is considered a green light for the regime to continue to exterminate the Syrian people, backed by Iran, which has transformed the Syrian people’s war against the regime’s head. To a sectarian war, and Russia that falsifies the facts and misleads public opinion, exploiting the right of veto in his favor in the UN Security Council.

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It is reported that the regime has used prohibited chemical weapons in several Syrian cities. In Douma, Ghouta, and Khan Sheikhoun, in light of the international silence about the regime and its allies’ transgressions, and the continuation of their crimes against innocent civilians in all Syrian cities.


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