‘The bad remittance’ (Disney +), a remarkable start to satisfy the desire for ‘Star Wars’

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• This review of the Disney + series ‘The Bad Remittance’ has been prepared after watching the first episode of the series, which premieres on Tuesday, May 4.

What a piece of paper has to replace The Mandalorian. The series of Star Wars has achieved what seemed impossible, reconcile the fans – divided by the last trilogy – around a series that struck a balance between creating a new story away from the classic mythology of the franchise, without being apocryphal and with the necessary winks to hook the most purists. The person responsible for such an achievement was Jon favreau, but many saw behind the hand of Dave Filoni, animation director of the film and the series about the clone wars of the same franchise and sponsored by George Lucas himself.

We do not know if it will be true or not that it was Filoni – that he did direct three episodes of The Mandalorian, including one of the best, the one dedicated to Ashoka Tano-, but we do know that the future of the series that the galactic universe will explode in Disney+ pass through your hand. Will do it with Boba Fett’s book, The rangers of the new republic and especially Ashoka, which will also write. But the first acid test is The bad consignment, the animated series that recovers some secondary characters from The Clone Wars.

Filoni is the producer and thinking soul behind this series that recovers the technique that saw him grow, animation, and that will also help him take shape in the face of big bets, because, unfortunately, live action series are followed taking more seriously than those of ‘drawings’. The Bad Consignment appears to have the ‘minor product’ label on its forehead, and it shouldn’t. After watching the first episode of the series – which has a special duration of more than 70 minutes – one can be clear that Filoni knows what he is doing.

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This is ‘The Bad Remittance’, the new ‘Star Wars’ series.

He knows the codes, the imaginary, the keys necessary to excite the fans, but he also has enough imagination and solvency to develop parallel stories that continue to explain this world. In this case, what it does is fill in the gaps in the films that we already know. The bad consignment places your action right at the moment when Palpatine he orders the execution of order 66 by which the clone troopers executed the Jedi. A crucial moment for mythology and for everything that happens afterwards. It is the end of the republic and the beginning of the empire. A moment that had been passed over.

As well, The bad consignment It places us at that exact point in history and does so through an interesting point of view, that of clone soldiers who, when modified to have special abilities, lose their ability to follow orders. Therefore they will not abide Order 66 and they will question the new power that forces them to execute those who until now were their allies. Five warriors who are defined with four strokes (the brute, the clever, the leader…) but who have enough charisma not to lose interest.

The first episode lays the foundations of what we are going to see, it presents the characters, their context, the importance that this moment in history will have and several bridges with characters that we already know (Palpatine and his henchman the Admiral Tarkin make an appearance). All with a more than solvent animation that is continuous with the style of the previous series of the franchise and action scenes worthy of any movie in the franchise.

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This series may not have as much pull as The Mandalorian, but it promises to be a more than worthy and entertaining show for the fans and to satisfy the desire while the new series arrive. Also to remove the prejudices that make us think that The Bad Remittance is a series less important than Boba Fett’s book. Who knows what Dave Filoni has in store for us. For my part I do not want to miss it.

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