The Barcelona City Council approves with the vote of the PSC to condemn the imprisonment of Pablo Hasel


Updated:17/02/2021 18:51h


The Barcelona Presidency Commission has approved this Wednesday a JpC proposal that urges to condemn the prison sentence imposed on the rapper Pablo Hasel for insults to the crown and glorification of terrorism and to modify the Penal Code to avoid that crimes related to freedom of expression carry a prison sentence.

The proposal has been negotiated with the municipal government and has had the favorable votes of the government partners (Bcomú and PSC), ERC and JpC, and the votes against Cs, PP and BCN Canvi; and with it they want to strengthen “the commitment of the council with freedom of opinion and expression, and all the fundamental rights of citizens.”

With this proposal, JpC also wants to urge the municipal government not to make “the repression” in the public space invisible with the restitution of the mural in support of the singer and critic of the King Emeritus that was erased in the Tres Xemeneies park.

With the transaction, an amendment has been added to the text calling for a modification of the Penal Code to be promoted so that “crimes related to freedom of expression are only punished if they clearly pose a risk to public order or incite violence but in no case imply a prison sentence.

The JpC spokesman, Jordi Martí, has regretted that Spain is “The country that has imprisoned the most rappers” and he has warned that going in favor of freedom of expression is not a question of being on the right or on the left. ERC councilor Elisenda Alamany has spoken along the same lines, insisting that in Spain there is no full democracy when there are artists in prison and when there is “a judiciary more typical of another era.”

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Freedom of expression

For his part, the Councilor for Citizenship Rights, Marc Serra, has accused the National Court of acting with a double yardstick, “one that always bends towards the same side, hitting those who bother the great powers and amnesty Nazis who directly exalt the Blue Division, “so it is clear that there is a pending legal transition.

Cs’s spokesman, Paco Sierra, has reproached JpC for not losing the opportunity to attack Spain when they have the slightest opportunity, presenting proposals like this one; He has assured that, if there were no freedom of expression, the pro-independence parties “could not say the atrocities that they say in this headquarters”, and has defended that Spain is one of the best democracies in the world.

The leader of the PP in the consistory, Josep Bou, has also defended that Spain it is a democratic country and he has read some of Pablo Hasel’s lyrics that go against his party, which he has rejected.

For his part, the president of BCN Canvi, Manuel Valls, believes that the objective of this proposal is to caricature Spanish justice, he recalled that Hasel is not convicted “for simple tweets, but for applauding and defending violent acts using his media influence.” , and has ensured that Spain is one of the best democracies in the world.

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