The Barcelona City Council will charge for recharging electric cars from the 18th

Barcelona City Council has decided to charge electric car owners and users for recharging their vehicles at municipal points in the city. The measure will take effect on January 18, as published betevé.

The rates will depend on whether the person recharging the vehicle is a regular or sporadic user of these points. For regular users and individuals, a rate of 50 euros per year will be established, which two families may share and that will have a 50% discount the first year, so vehicle drivers will only have to pay 25 euros in 2021.

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For professionals, in this case, the payment will be 100 euros per year, which will be reduced to 50 in the first year.

Barcelona has 500 recharging points distributed in all districts

Thus, recharging prices for users range from 0.22 euros per kWh in the case of nightly charging at points located in B: SM car parks, to 0.40 euros for sporadic daytime use at recharging points in full street.

In case of not being paid, charging on the street will cost € 0.49 / kWh, while at night the figure drops to € 0.44 / kWh.

Barcelona has 500 charging points spread over numerous stations and car parks in all districts. In addition, the City Council of the Catalan capital has established a 75% discount on the tax on mechanical traction vehicles for this type of car and a free rate for parking in the blue zone spaces.

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