The Barcelona SC player who was criticized but showed that he should be a starter, is not Gabriel Cortez

One of the players most criticized by the fans of Barcelona SC, was Adonis Preciado. They compared him with Marcos Caicedo, due to the fact that he only runs and does not know how to center. What about Preciado was repetitive in friendly matches. He faced the defenders well, he won the baseline, but at the end of the play, it was fruitless.

Adonis, I entered the second half against Manta. However, in a short time, he showed a better performance than in the previous season. After a car pass, he managed to put the ball at Oyola’s feet, for the Pony to finish off and make the winning goal for Barcelona SC. The truth is that there was improvement in his game.

For this reason, the Argentine strategist Gustavo Alfaro, summoned him for the micro cycle of the selection. Adonis has a lot of potential for the future, Fabin Bustos, must give him minutes on the court to exploit his potential in the best way. It can be a good element per band for Barcelona, ​​since it can generate surprise at the time of attack.

Bustos used Preciado, both left and right, but the player showed better performance with his right leg. The fans ask that they make him play instead of Enmanuel Martinez, who is not having a good time. The last word will go to Toro Bustos, and his next test will be against a University Technician.


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