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Apple wants to play with the design for the iPhone 13 of 2021, and for this it would bet on smaller batteries although without jeopardizing its autonomy.

Apple seems to always be in the eternal battle of the autonomy of its batteries, and although they have improved ostensibly in recent years, they are still a long way from the batteries that we are used to seeing in Android devices.

Apple seems to will bet on smaller batteries in the iPhone 13 thanks to the use of a new technology known as soft plate. This is how the analyst points out Ming-Chi Kuo from TFI Securities, which states that the iPhone 13 will be the first iPhone to use this new technology.

To base his estimate, the analyst points out that the Chinese company Jialianyi, dedicated to the business of soft-plate batteries, would double its business next year thanks to Apple. It also states that the new iPhone 13 will represent half of the orders for battery soft plates that they make to this company over the next year.

If Apple finally bet on this new technology for its batteries, it could use them to choose one of these two market strategies: improve the efficiency of your battery by increasing its autonomy, or make it smaller to be able to create slimmer devices, and it seems they would go for the latter strategy.

It should be noted that the soft-plate battery has fewer layers than the hard-plate ones, with which Apple could play with this technological advance, in principle to offer thinner devices or with interior space to improve other technical issues.

This goes along the lines of other information where it says that Next year’s iPhones will use more energy-efficient displays, specifically between 10 or 20% less energy than the current iPhone 12. This could be interesting because although the battery would not increase its autonomy, it would be more efficient and could last, after all, a little more.

The same analyst has pointed out in the same report that Apple will launch in early 2021 both an iPad mini-LED as well as the rumored AirPods 3 with a design similar to the current AirPods Pro.

[Vía: 9to5mac]

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