The BBC? It's for seven people in Islington, says Jeremy Clarkson in a bitter rant against the political correctness of the up-and-over company Jeremy Clarkson criticized the BBC and said that the organization & # 39; in itself & # 39; is. He said that men simply do not get jobs at the BBC described themselves as a "dinosaur". Clarkson destroyed the broadcaster and claimed that it must be politically correct "stifling everything" with his nonsense & # 39 ;.

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19:00 EST, 7 January 2019

19:34 EST, January 7, 2019

Jeremy Clarkson has launched a bitter rant on the BBC and claims that it & # 39; in itself & # 39; is and & # 39; everything suffocated & # 39; with his need to be politically correct. The presenter was dropped by the broadcaster in 2015 after he had an unprovoked physical attack & # 39; on a producer of Top Gear. He claimed that men now & # 39; just do not get a job & # 39; at the BBC and described itself as a "big old dinosaur". & # 39; If I ran the BBC, it would be better, & # 39; he said. I would create programs for everyone, not just for seven people in Islington. & # 39; It has become so in itself, that life suffocates through all that it is, with its nonsense politically correct. & # 39;

Jeremy Clarkson has launched a bitter tirade against the BBC, claiming that it & # 39; in itself & # 39; is and & # 39; everything suffocated & # 39; with his need to be politically correct. Clarkson, 58, added: "If they would let everyone relax and make a show that is fun or interesting or informative or one of the things that the BBC should be, then we would have another debate about the future of television. I had a very happy time on the BBC and I care a lot. I would be sad if it was hurt by some unwise Corbynites.

The presenter was dropped by the station in 2015 after he had an unprovoked physical attack & # 39; launched on a Top Gear producer. I'm wrong. Maybe I'm just a big old dinosaur. Of course I am. The world is no longer mine, it belongs to people of my childhood [daughters Emily, 24, and Katya, 20, and son Finlo, 22]. They live in a secret world, on their phones and social media. I listen to them and think: this is an alien planet. I am William Shatner and I have just gone somewhere. "The broadcaster presented Top Gear for 13 years and has since moved into a $ 160 million deal to Amazon, where he has released three series The Grand Tour with his fellow starred Richard Hammond, 49 and James May, 55." I still give "Top Gear," he told Radio Times. "I made it up, and everything I came up with came out. [since his 2015 departure]. I can not stand it. It would be like going to visit your baby after being adopted by someone else and pressing your face to the window. Anyway, The Grand Tour is the latest incarnation of what Top Gear would have been. & # 39; About the upcoming Top Gear series, which Freddie Flintoff and Paddy McGuinness will see as hosts, he said: & # 39; When I was in charge of Top Gear, I sent the new presenters to an uninhabited island for a year, so that they could get to know each other very well, to get the same dynamic that we have. "Radio 2's female problem, Garry BBC Radio 4 host Jane Garvey, has branded Radio 2" old-fashioned "because of the previous lack of female presenters in his daily schedule, but the presenter of the women's hour congratulated it on & # 39; # 39; tip-pinging for the time being in the New Age by giving two top courses to Zoe Ball and Sara Cox in a speech why the station had left so long without a female primetime host, wrote Miss Garvey, 54, in Radio Times: V Strange that Radio 2 should be so old-fashioned, and so on: the other BBC radio networks do not seem to have any problems finding women who can find and keep an audience. & # 39; Do not let me start with what they pay … "Clarkson also claimed that the scales" fully tipped "in favor of women at the BBC. He said:" Men simply do not get a job now [at the broadcaster] not at all. They are completely tipped. Honestly, poor old Nick Robinson goes for an interview for question time. What a waste of gasoline that was. No chance he gets it … & # 39; They just do not give jobs to men right now. There is an argument that it has been men for a long time, so what is wrong with it all being women for a while? I get it. That's fine. We as men must accept that we have had it. Let's just go to the bar. "Clarkson confirmed that there will be a fourth series from The Grand Tour, and the third will be aired on Amazon Prime Video on January 18. Grand Tour co-star Richard Hammond claims that more female presenters will continue in the TV industry as they get older Hammond said it was a "tragedy" that it was even easier for men to become public and added: "When you look, there are more female actresses and presenters who continue and people do not say that you have become rosy fresh youthful looks. & # 39;

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