The benefit of the AstraZeneca vaccine is greater than a possible complication: Minister of Health

The EMA assured that there is a “possible link” of AstraZeneca with rare cases of clotting. Luis Francisco Sucre also reaffirmed his position regarding the measures that are maintained towards tourists from South America

Minister Luis Francisco Sucre.Aris Martinez

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, assured this Wednesday that the “benefit” of the AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19 “is greater than a possible complication” for people who receive the dose from the British pharmaceutical company.

During his statements to the media, Sucre also pondered the measures that are maintained towards tourists from South America established after the Brazilian strain of covid-19 (P1 Sarcov-2) was detected in Panama by the Gorgas Memorial Institute of Studies. Of the health.

“If we open the country completely, the tranquility ends. What do we prefer? To keep the country within the tranquility that we have and to be able to have a management team or for a third wave to come forward” -of infections-? He asked the head of Health to the media at the Ricardo J Alfaro School, a school where the day of vaccination against the virus begins for adults over 60 years of age, educators and pregnant women.

After the detection of the Brazilian strain in Panama, the Government issued Executive Decree 260 of March 29, 2021, in which it establishes that: “As of 12:01 am on March 31, 2021, all persons from, Who has stayed or transited through South America, who enters the country by land or sea, using commercial or private means, must bring a PCR or negative antigen test a maximum of 48 hours before arrival.

This measure has unleashed a series of criticisms, for example, the Panamanian Association of Tourism Operators (APOTUR), rejected the restriction since “allowing the transit of passengers through the Tocumen Airport and restricting access to other countries in South America, is counterproductive, it is an illogical and pointless decision. “

AstraZeneca: Benefits vs Complications

On the other hand, Sucre remarked that “The organizations tell the countries that those that have AstraZeneca use it; that the benefit is greater than a possible complication.”

Drug regulatory agencies “have failed to link thrombosis to the Astrazeneca vaccine,” the minister said an hour before the European Medicines Agency confirmed on Wednesday a “possible link” between the dose of AstraZeneca with cases of blood clotting. reported in people who received this vaccine in different countries.

According to the EMA Safety Committee (PRAC), “unusual” blood clots with low platelets “should be included as very rare side effects” of the AstraZeneca vaccine, based on “all currently available evidence”, including the advice of a special group of experts, reports the EFE agency.

However, the agency stressed that the benefit of the AstraZeneca vaccine continues to outweigh the risk of a side effect.

Seven people who received the AstraZeneca anticovid vaccine died of blood clots in the United Kingdom, out of a total of 30 identified cases, reports the newspaper Semana.


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