It's the time of year when the nights get colder, the days get shorter and many have a feverish shopping spree before Black Friday.

The American trading day has become firmly established in the UK calendar, mainly because pre-Christmas sales are one of the best times to get an early gift as online retailers and stores lower their prices.

Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving, but instead of being limited to one day, the event now takes much longer as the first deals start this month. The Black Friday main event starts the week before and lasts from the weekend to Monday, known today as Cyber ​​Monday.

There is also a growing list of retailers, including Argos, John Lewis and Currys, offering everything from technology to toys to fashion and holidays.

We have summarized below what you can expect from the big brands.

As soon as the first Black Friday offers are published, we will update this page. Therefore, check for updates.


The store in the main street always offers discounts on a range of products. Argos lowers the price of everything from TVs to laptops, toys and housewares. Sign up early and subscribe to the email list for information on offers that are falling (or try again!). Argos also has a Black Friday page dedicated to its current offerings.

If you want to buy a TV or other big ticket on this Black Friday, you can sign up for the Argos card. The card is equipped with credit plans for a period of three to twelve months.

Check out our full list of Argos Black Friday offer forecasts.


Amazon loves to push its deals for Black Friday and this year it will not be any different. Shortly after the Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer continues to offer discounts on everything from technology to televisions, laptops to books and toys throughout the Black Friday weekend through to Cyber ​​Monday. We have already predicted our Amazon Black Friday Deals.

Last year, Cyber ​​Monday was the company's largest shopping day in Amazon's history, according to a press release.

If you're wondering what we should hold for, there's the Amazon Echo Dot. There were discounts on many Amazon products last year, such as the Echo range with more than £ 30 discount on the Amazon Echo (2nd generation) and £ 10 discount on the Echo Dot (3rd generation) and the Echo Plus. The newer products are not likely to be discounted, but if you're happy about the older genes, it's worth a Black Friday deal.

Kindles are also a safe bet with the Paperwhite (currently £ 89.99) – last year there was £ 50 discount or five monthly payments of £ 18, which is a big savings. AirPods always sell well too. The set with a wireless charging case is currently priced at 169 GBP, which is 30 GBP less than the recommended retail price. On Black Friday, however, a higher price is expected.

The iPhone 11 has just made it, so there are no offers, but look at the previous models like the iPhone XR and the iPhone XS to get daily discounts. Samsung will also join in – the Samsung S10 and the S9. Amazon Renewed, phones that are recycled, also have cheaper mobile phones with a one-year warranty.

More forecasts can be found in our Amazon Black Friday Deals Guide. The sale of Hidden Gems has started and will run until the 12th of November. We have a breakdown of the best picks in our Amazon early Black Friday Deals Guide.

John Lewis

Department stores are a great place to do business on Black Friday, and John Lewis is up there looking for great deals on technical products. John Lewis also has a Black Friday page.

If you are looking for a laptop, a sound system like the Sonos or gadgets for your home, there is a wide choice at your disposal. John Lewis has also confirmed that there will be numerous discounts for a number of brands this year. It has also "never knowingly sold out" the promise, which basically means that it compares its prices daily with those of other brands, even on Black Friday.

We also have a page with predictions on John Lewis Black Friday deals.


Currys is a great place to check out the latest game consoles on Black Friday, whether it's the Nintendo Switch or the PS4 Pro. With the PS4 is to be counted on price reductions, since the chatter around the coming PS5 increases. So expect a competitive price war. Look for a fall in price on the X Box One X, the most powerful gaming console. If you're wondering how to get the best price of the day, Currys is a safe bet. The store has a price match promise. Last year, Currys has reached the prices of retailers including Amazon.

With Currys, you can also create your own Black Friday wish list on the website, so you can follow the products you want throughout the event. We will also add the best deals to this page. So, remember to look back ahead of Black Friday.

Credit: John Lewis Black Friday Deals

Picture credits: Nintendo


GAME has also confirmed that there will be discounts and offers this year. The store was a great place to do business with the big game consoles last year, including XBox One. This year you should pay attention to PS4 and Nintendo Switch offers to Cyber ​​Monday. The video game retailer also offers an email service to let you know about the best deals on their Black Friday page.

For those looking for Christmas gifts, GAME released a slew of bundle offerings last year, including the PS4 with Fifa 19, which was cheaper than the Amazon offering. It pays to look for something. Check out our GAME Black Friday Deals predictions.


AO has already published tips for Black Friday to develop offers for electrical appliances. If you are looking for a new kitchen appliance or sound system for your home, try again. AO is online, so there is no way to fight people looking for a washing machine or a TV. The products are also delivered in time slots of your choice, with some qualifying for next day delivery.'s Black Friday offerings will include offers for phones, televisions, game consoles and devices.


Offers for iPhones, iPads, Macbooks and the Apple Watch will be some of the biggest deals for this Black Friday. We already know what awaits us in the past years. Although Apple itself may not advance Black Friday, retailers are pleased to lower the price of the technology giant's products. The AirPods have sold well over the past year, and Amazon has completed a few deals on Apple products such as the Watch. Here's a small caveat: The Apple Watch Series 5 is still fairly new, and Apple has stopped selling the Series 4.

If we could give you some advice, the Apple Store usually has a one-day event on November 29th, this Black Friday. However, it is best to wait for the other retailers. In recent years, Apple has offered gift cards rather than lowering prices, while stores and online retailers are bidding and handling deals.

MacBook 2


While Black Friday is still a month away, Sky already has deals and deals for Sky TV, Broadband and Mobile. The provider lowers Sky TV and Netflix's Best Price in the all-in-one package (300 channels, Netflix on Sky Q) for 18 months from £ 34 to £ 25 per month. The set-up costs are £ 20.

If you're a movie fan, Sky, Netflix and Sky Cinema are available in HD for £ 35 a month for 18 months, compared to £ 50. There are additional setup costs of £ 20.

Sky TV, Netflix and unlimited fiber optic broadband and free Sky Talk Anytime will be lowered from £ 71 to £ 45 per month for 18 months. The set-up costs £ 39.95.

Sky offers additional add-ons that are a bonus rather than a consideration at sign-up, such as Spotify Premium, which is free for three months.

Take a look at our Sky Black Friday offer guide to receive our predictions and latest offers.


Cell phone retailers will also participate in the campaign. EE often offers great deals on smartphones and SIM contracts. Offers for phones, tablets and SIM-only plans have been tested this year. When your contract comes to an end, it may make sense to consider it. EE also has its own Black Friday page and newsletter. In our EE Black Friday predictions, we've highlighted a few phones that you should watch out for.

British Airways

British Airways is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year, so there may be some good offers that reflect this. The airline made headlines for £ 2018 last year with a two-person offer in Business Class. It was a really good price, but the deal was restrictive. If you're looking for a luxury flight, it's probably worth keeping an eye on British Airways offer this year. Read the terms and conditions in advance. There is nothing worse than realizing that you can not fly on the data the deal is for. When you're ready to hunt on the site, there are good deals and deals, possibly more for short-haul flights and upgrades.

Virgin holidays also offers Black Friday deals on its own page, TUI and First choice offered package options and easyJet continued its offerings until Cyber ​​Monday. Ryanair faced with labor disputes this year, but still expect some sales. Norwegian Airlines has also had a stable year. So if you are looking for low-cost long-haul routes, you should check this. Remember to check the fare well before Black Friday so you can make a fair comparison.

This year, deals are somewhat more unpredictable due to the collapse of Thomas Cook. Hotels and resorts will have empty spaces that they would like to fill, so there could be some offers from these brands. Hays Travel has bought most of Thomas Cook's business so it's worth taking a look. Keep an eye on Spain, which was particularly affected by the collapse of Thomas Cook.

There are also always and Expedia, if you are looking in different places.


Boots announces its Black Friday offer in three phases and has started a series of exclusive offers. The retailer will release early access one week before Black Friday 2019. There are already some great deals on Soap & Glory Cosmetics Beauty Full House (£ 58, now £ 25) and the Spectrum Travel Bag and Brush Set (now £ 25) and the Mark Hill RAW Straight & Curl 2 in 1 Hair Straightener ( £ 49.99 was now £ 24.99). Offers will run until December 3 – Cyber ​​Monday is December 2 of this year.

Boots Black Friday Week and Weekend deals will be announced in the next two weeks. We will keep you updated on some of the best tips.

When is Black Friday 2019?

Black Friday is November 29, 2019, but offers and early deals will begin from now until the event. The larger deals and deals will be announced in advance of the two weeks and will continue until the following Monday, the so-called Cyber ​​Monday. Amazon's Black Friday Deals lasted 10 days.

Can I return items I bought on Black Friday?

Most of us will buy impulse purchases during Black Friday, but before these packages arrive and the buyer's remorse comes in, it's a good idea to read the refund policy for the retailer you're shopping for. From a legal point of view, you have the same rights to refund for defective items that you bought when you made a sale, such as a full price purchase. If you want to return an item for another reason, other rules may apply. Retailers can also request a proof of purchase. Keep your receipts when shopping at the store. If you need a repair or replacement, take your warranty with you. This is not required by law but always good.

If you buy online, it means that you can cancel the order if the item is faulty. You only need to contact the dealer within 14 days of receiving the product. You do not have to give a reason when "distance selling" applies. Return the product within 14 days and the refund must be returned within 14 days of receipt by the merchant.

If you no longer want an item, say it is wrong or the wrong size, you may be denied the refund.

Take another look at this Black Friday Best Deals Guide to receive up-to-date offers in advance of the event.