The best Disney Plus movies in 2021 that you can watch right now

If you are a Disney Plus subscriber and are hunting for the best movies that you can find on the platform, here are some recommendations. Among the best Disney + movies that we recommend you will find a little of everything, and for all audiences.

Disney Plus has become one of the streaming platforms with the most content on the market, although not thanks to the amount of original content from Disney’s own streaming service, but due to the number of studios and franchises controlled by the House of the Mouse. .

Although Disney has produced several original films for Disney Plus, almost none can be considered a panacea that will forever be etched in the popular imagination of the most moviegoers. Despite everything, we find some interesting things if we dig a little, in addition to the great productions that characterize Disney and its studios.

Today at HobbyConsolas, we review some of the best movies that we can find on Disney Plus currently. Most are well-known titles, but that’s what you have when you have a marketing machine like the house of the mouse.


Anus: 2019
Duration: 118 minutes
Director: Jon Favreau
Gender: Animation and adventures

Jon Favreau combined the production of the first season of The Mandalorian with the direction of the remake “in real action” of The Lion King, the Disney classic that came to life more than ever in 2019 and swept with a gross of more than a billion dollars at the box office.

Disney + is about to raise its price, which on February 23 will be 89.99 euros. If you sign up now, you will pay only 6.99 euros per month.

Relive the adventures of Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, re-sing songs with which you grew up and instill in your children the value of life thanks to this masterful remake that will make you dream, laugh and cry. We can also find other outstanding remakes such as Mulán The Aladdin.


Anus: 1937 (early films)
Duration: Approximately 90 minutes per movie
Director: Various directors
Gender: Animation and adventures

And if there are the remakes, there have to be the classics. If you are one of those who adore the time when Disney bet more on conventional animation, Disney Plus has in its catalog all the films that made the study to the fore.

From Peter Pan to Beauty and the Beast. That if, the present has marked for bad the way in which Disney treats its own classics, restricting those that can be considered “racist.” Keep this in mind if you are looking for some titles with accounts with parental control activated.


Anus: 1977 (first film)
Duration: Approximately 120 minutes per movie
Director: Created by George Lucas with vseveral directors
Gender: Action, Ci-Fi and Adventure

A franchise that needs no introduction, more than 40 years of film history condensed into a sub-catalog of Disney Plus. Whether you’re a fan of the Star Wars Original Trilogy, grew up on the Prequels Trilogy, or accepted the Sequel Trilogy, Disney Plus has the movies you’re looking for.

It is the question that a fan of the George Lucas saga hears the most: In what order do I watch Star Wars?

In addition, we have the presence of the two Star Wars spin-offs, both Rogue One and Han Solo to complete the mix, and in the future we will include the new films that are in production.


Anus: 2008 (first film)
Duration: Approximately 120 minutes per movie
Director: Coordination of Kevin Feige with various directors
Gender: Action, superheroes and adventures

The queen franchise of the 2010s is without a doubt the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Even his lesser-known hits have earned a good pinch at the box office and have become almost indispensable to understanding the magnitude of the MCU.

Although some titles are still missing due to rights issues and distribution agreements prior to the arrival of Disney Plus, most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe catalog is available on the platform, including Avengers Endgame, which is currently the highest grossing film in history.


Anus: 1995 (first film)
Duration: Approximately 110 minutes per movie
Director: Various directors
Gender: Animation, fantasy, drama and comedy

Pixar movies are always a safe bet, whether or not you have children at home, and their movies are without a doubt among the best you can see on Disney Plus. Pixar recently Soul, his new masterpiece that came directly to the platform by skipping its premiere in theaters due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Disney + has already arrived in Spain, but its content has been modified in some series and films to avoid possible controversies that may arise.

But beyond this journey through the soul, Pixar proposes a visit to the more “Catrino” side of the Day of the Dead in Coco or Lightning McQueen’s most exciting races in Cars among his many productions. Not forgetting our favorite toy franchise with Toy Story, Clear.


Anus: 1989
Duration: 93 minutes
Director: Joe Johnston
Gender: Comedy, adventure and family

Who didn’t have a blast with the miniature adventure of Rick Moranis’s children in Darling, I shrunk the kids? Well, you can relive it again thanks to Disney Plus, which has the classic that will make you take a walk around the garden again.

When Wayne Szalinski makes his invention work, he accidentally reduces his children, making them live an adventure throughout his house, full of dangers when you are no more than a few centimeters.


Anus: 2019
Duration: 113 minutes
Director: Ericson Core
Genre: Biographical, adventure and drama

Willem Dafoe protagoniza Togo, a beautiful adventure that is the only representative (strictly speaking) of the original Disney Plus films that you will find in our list of the best films on the platform. We do not count those premieres that have been launched on the platform out of obligation, of course.

Obviously, you will have the most common ones such as Smart TV, computer or mobile, but you can also connect to the application through a game console, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV or even Apple TV.

The film focuses on the story of the dog trainer Leonhard Seppala, who in 1925 crossed the Alaskan tundra with his guide dog, Togo, to bring medicine to an isolated population.


Anus: 2013
Duration: 103 minutes
Directors: Chris Buck y Jennifer Lee
Gender: Animation and adventure

If following a bit with the cold, in 2013 Disney showed that it did not depend entirely on Pixar to launch a successful 3d animated film. Anna and Elsa de Arendelle wowed audiences with Frozen: The Ice Kingdom.

In 2020 the sequel would arrive, Frozen II, with a new adventure by the sisters who saw their journey at the box office be overshadowed by the measures that were imposed because of the pandemic. Luckily, many can enjoy it on Disney Plus.


Anus: 1990
Duration: 103 minutes
Director: Chris Columbus
Gender: Family comedy

If at this point in life you don’t know that Kevin McAllister stays at Christmas Home alone To live a tremendous adventure in which you face the thieves trying to rob your Chicago home, it’s about time you come out from under that rock.

In Disney Plus we can find the first two films of the franchise (which belonged to Fox) starring Macaulay Culkin. There is also the third, but … Having sirloin, why Burger?


Anus: 1993
Duration: 76 minutes
Director: Henry Selick
Gender: Fantasy and animation

Tim Burton is a priori a director who clashes in style with what Disney usually represents. However, he was chosen to conceptualize the film of Nightmare Before Christmas, a crazy idea that the filmmaker had been bringing up for a long time.

Ironically, people often attribute the direction of Jack Skellington’s Christmas adventure to Tim Burton, when in fact it was Henry Selick who directed it. Burton was more involved in Batman Returns than in the stop.motion movie.

If you are interested in subscribing to Disney Plus, pay close attention to the following list, as we detail all the things you should know before signing up for the new platform

With this we conclude our review of some of the best movies that we can find in the Disney Plus catalog currently. Of course they are not the only ones, we recommend you take a look at the repertoire that the platform has, especially from the end of February, when Star reach Disney Plus with content that exceeds the maximum age rating that the service currently has.


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