The best Final Fantasy VII mod updates even your funds

So we want to remake being able to play this definitive version. The best Final Fantasy VII mod leaves the remaster in the gutter.

Final Fantasy VII is, for many, one of the best video games of all time. And the essence of the original game will remain there forever, even if Square Enix is ​​giving the product a facelift with Final Fantasy 7 Remake. A fact that we can verify with the best Final Fantasy VII mod.

Even so, there are those who prefer to taste the original for the memories and its charm. And there are also those who are trying to improve the visual result of the game so that they are less noticeable over the years.

And with this you are going to be left with your mouth open, because the modder called Satsuki Yatoshi has published an original Final Fantasy VII mod capable of offering HD graphics thanks to the use of techniques provided by an AI that conclude in a much more defined and less “annoying” result for the eyes.

With deep learning techniques, the legendary RPG looks much better, both in its pre-rendered backgrounds and in the design of its characters. You can see it in action in the video that we leave you above.

The mod will take us through Midgar and beyond in HD environments. The creators of this mod, which, as you can see, looks pretty good, say they could have improved the visual aspect of the work even more, but they wanted to be “respectful of the original game.”

In any case, the definition and cleaning of this mod for PC, which you can learn more about from this linkHelp the desire to replay this unforgettable adventure starring Cloud, Aeris and company to grow.

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