The best memes of February 14, 2021

GeeksTerra.- February 14, 2021, will definitely be different from many years, to begin with we have been confined for almost a year and many couples are so close that surely they no longer support each otherso instead of waiting cards Y Crafts To indulge the crush, the healthiest thing to do is see the memes that this unique date brings us and laugh.

So this February 14, 2021, give him away a meme instead of flowers, chocolates and dinner. Your loved one will see that at least you remember the date; and that you don’t let the dry law imposed for this weekend affect you … too much.

Although there is always the danger that published memes are not funny or that those are more interesting memes about politics that have nothing to do with love and friendship, here we bring you the best so that you do not get distracted from your task laughing at those loving creatures that have nothing to do with cupid, better continue with Sam.

Fortunately for us, the memera band will not let this date run out of memes just because we are already fed up with the confinement and always seeing the same annoyed faces, so as usual the Simpson they always occupy a special place in everything that happens.

The claims They do not wait and less now that we must live together, but remember that there is never a lack of those who think that if they do not claim you it is because they do not love you, although that position is still debatable.

Of course, among all the memiza can not miss those of Sam Va Lentín, and some Twitter users were given the task of combining all the memes that have been made with this iconic character from the Lord of the Rings, thanks Tolkien.

The Penguins of Madagascar Nor could they be absent to remind us that there are strange loves like Skiper’s for a Hawaiian doll, which did not always turn out what he wanted.

And although there are those who feel lonely on this day of in love There is never a lack of good advice from those who have dedicated their lives to seeing the Star Wars saga in chronological and dramatic order, to know what they should advise you on this February 14, full of love, love and memes.

There are those who only wait for the day of love and friendship to laugh with memes, while others undo with emotional phrases, cards and congratulations on the friendship and relationship they have.

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