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The so-called “streaming war”, which is constantly adding weight players, is stronger than ever and the bid to attract consumers in the new audiovisual era does not stop. The beginning of 2021 brought several novelties that update the state of things and many more are expected. And while Netflix raised its subscription prices, with big premieres scheduled for this year, this is the best time to subscribe to Disney Plus.

Although, in 2020 Netflix had a very large increase in customers due to the pandemic, the landing of Disney Plus in the region, and the consolidation at the global level, made the sum of subscribers to the streaming service constant, from its attractive exclusive content from Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Pixar and National Geographic, along with the strategy of releasing its productions with weekly chapters, and promotional prices for each country.

This means that this panorama of audiovisual consumption has changed its configuration and while the red N exceeded 200 million users, Disney released a record growth in relation to the figures with which it closed last season, which exceeded its most optimistic estimates – The streaming service clearly surpassed 95 million subscribers at the beginning of the year.

But this dispute does not have to do only with content, factors such as resolution, quality, maximum devices, user accounts, as options to select the service also appear.

But without a doubt there is a fundamental player that appears at all times, which is the price of the monthly subscription or annual subscription.

And that is where an important difference is made, with Netflix that has just increased the prices of its plans in Argentina and in some Latin American countries, and with Disney Plus maintaining a promotional basic subscription or an annual subscription with a considerable discount. Thus, while the subscriptions of the first now oscillate between $ 457 and $ 1097 pesos, the second maintains the monthly subscription at $ 385 pesos or the annual subscription for $ 3,850.00 pesos.

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It is that Netflix’s rates had a significant increase a few days ago, and more if one takes into account that in Argentina, for example, the tax burden must be added to each plan, that is, VAT, country tax and advance of income tax. The changes came after about a year and, according to the company, were with the aim of “improving the experience and offering more variety of series and movies.”

But of course, now the basic Plan costs in Argentina (with a resolution of 480 pixels and a screen, more intended for mobile phones than for television screens): $ 279 + $ 178.56 in taxes. Total 457.56. Standard plan (with 1080p resolution and two displays that can be used at the same time): $ 459 + $ 293.76 tax. Total 752.76. And Premium Plan (with a resolution of 4K + HDR and four screens that can be used at the same time): $ 669 + $ 428.16 tax. Total 1097.16.

While Disney Plus maintains its promotional prices in each country since its launch in November last year. In addition to the rate or subscription in Argentina, in the other countries that have the service they are expressed as follows: Brazil: $ 27.90 per month or $ 279.90 per year; Chile: $ 6,500 per month or $ 64,900 per year; Colombia: $ 23,900 per month or $ 239,900 per year; Peru: $ 25.90 per month or $ 259.90 per year; Mexico: $ 159 per month or $ 1,599 per year; Costa Rica, Ecuador and Panama: US $ 5.99 per month or US $ 59.99 per year; and Uruguay: U $ S 7.49 per month or U $ S 74.99 per year.

The difference is clearly stated, so the suggestion is clear: This is the time to subscribe to Disney Plus. Or at least to try it free for seven days (Netflix no longer has that option). It is that beyond the content where it is a matter of taste, if the qualities, qualities and price are detailed, the entertainment giant’s platform wins.

Now is the time to talk about content. We already know about the expansion of Netflix with its original productions at a global level, and with the commitment to cinema, both in quality and entertainment with great figures that are being added and with the dispute of their productions in the award seasons.

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The Disney Plus library currently has 900 titles compared to 3,600 on Netflix. In numbers, Netflix is ​​superior, but it is a matter of taste and quality. In fact, the company announced a good amount of its own content, claiming to release more than one original film per week. But the Disney platform has already started with its strategy of series whose chapters are released weekly; and films that will be released simultaneously with the cinema, starting with “Raya and the last dragon”.

Disney Plus, for its part, justifies the unexpected increase in subscribers, with tanks that multiplied interest in the platform from hits like “The Mandalorian”, the Star Wars spin-off celebrated by critics and the public, the premiere of “Soul”, the new Pixar movie; the success of “WandaVision”, the first Marvel series, which every Friday keeps the fans of its extended Cinematic Universe trapped now in Disney Plus.

All this, added to the complete catalogs of films and series of the exclusive labels that the platform has, plus the announcement of 105 films and series, made it close the year with an increase in its shares, while in the United States, the The company also manages the platforms Hulu and Espn Plus, which bring their universe of subscribers to 146.4 million according to the latest record.

In addition, The Walt Disney Company will launch Star Plus, the new adult content streaming platform that will be added to Disney Plus and that includes thousands of series, movies and television content from Disney’s creative studios, in addition to having local programming, and also from FX, 20th Century Studios and 20th Television.

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In Latin America, it will launch with its own brand page dedicated to entertainment, where it will include a solid offer of films, television and documentaries, along with sports programs and events under the ESPN label.



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