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And the truth is that the offer available when buying an air purifier is extremely varied, so we wanted to prepare this guide that will help you choose a model that will not disappoint you at all.

Essential that it has HEPA filters

It should be noted that many purifiers do not have this element, and we consider it vital to clean the air, so avoid any device that does not have filters of this type. In case you did not know, A HEPA filter is a small box that is responsible for purifying the environment. It should be noted that it is capable of removing more than 0.3 microns, through impact and interception mechanisms. To give you the idea, it is capable of eliminating 99.7% of the particles that float in the air, so its functionality is more than guaranteed.

Without a doubt, an element that will be very useful for users who suffer from allergies. Forget about the problems that pollen causes you with a good air purifier. Another element that we consider very important is the connectivity options. If you can buy WiFi air purifiers so you can control them via mobile phone. And the advantages they offer compared to a traditional model make your purchase a sure hit.

Advantages of WiFi purifiers

Air purifiers

Obviously a connected model has a higher price than a traditional model, but in return you gain a series of functions that make your purchase a total success. For starters, the idea of control this device through your mobile phone opens up a whole range of possibilities. Maybe you are lying in bed and you want to purify the room. Well, with a model of this type you will not have to get up to activate it. Or maybe you are working and you want the purifier to start working so that when you get home you can enjoy a pure and clean environment.

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And beware, that models that have WiFi connectivity also usually have a dedicated application that will allow you to control every last parameter of the air quality in your home. And if it detects that the levels exceed normal limits, it will send you a push notification to activate the device.

Models to consider

As we have told you, the offer is extremely variedAlthough with the small guide that we have given you, you will know how to choose the model that best suits your needs. Although, if you do not want to heat your head, then do not miss our particular compilation where we have chosen the best smart air purifiers you can buy.

Models of different price ranges so that you can find the model that best suits your needs and budget. Of course, they all perfectly fulfill their function, only the more expensive models have more options and the capacity to purify a larger room.

Philips Serie 4000i AC4236/10

Philips Serie 4000i AC4236/10

We begin our listing with one of the best air purifiers you can buy for your home. The Philips Series 4000i AC4236 / 10 has a name that is almost impossible to pronounce, but it hides a number of functions that make your purchase a safe bet. Highlight its complete application, which will allow you to adjust to the last parameter of your purifier to achieve the best results.

VOCOlinc air purifier

VOCOlinc air purifier

In second place we have this impressive air purifier from VOCOlinc. A very simple model to use, since it has a large 5.1 inch screen so you can configure the different modes if you don’t want to pick up the mobile phone. Add in the fact that it offers support for the leading voice assistants and you have a product before you that will not disappoint you at all.

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Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 – HHP30C

Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 - HHP30C

And what about this Hoover H-PURIFIER 300 – HHP30C, another of the best air purifiers with WiFi connectivity that you can buy. This particular model stands out for its ultra-quiet motor so you can leave it working at night without being disturbed by anything.

Aiibot air purifier

Aiibot air purifier

Although you are still looking for an air purifier that you can control with your mobile phone and that also works very quickly. If this is the case, you cannot miss this model from the firm Aiibot. A product with a sober design and that stands out for being able to purify a home in just 20 minutes.

HIMOX air purifier

HIMOX air purifier

The HIMOX firm boasts a high-end catalog where the quality-price ratio is its great exponent. And we have a clear example in this model, which has enough power to purify a room of up to 80 square meters, WiFi connectivity so that you can control it from your mobile and a very attractive price.

Xiaomi Mi 3H Air Purifier

Xiaomi Mi 3H Air Purifier

Continuing with this compilation where you will find the best WiFi air purifiers that you can buy, we could not miss the opportunity to recommend the latest edition of the family of Xiaomi purifiers. In this case we find a sober-looking model that stands out for offering support for the main voice assistants.

Levoit air purifier

Levoit air purifier

We turn to a model from the Levoit firm that will more than fulfill its function. This particular model stands out for the VeSync app that will allow you to adjust all kinds of purifier parameters in the simplest way.

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IKOHS air purifier

IKOHS, one of the best air purifiers

Another excellent option is this signature model IKOHS. We are talking about a perfect air purifier to use wherever you want. All thanks to a very small size and that will allow you to transport it wherever you want in a simple way. Add its handle to carry it very comfortably to have a tall product.

HIMOX air purifier

HIMOX air purifier

We go back to the manufacturer HIMOX to recommend you another air purifier that will not disappoint you at all and has a price that is a true knockdown. A Very silent product so that you can use it at night without problem.

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C

Using the Xiaomi Qingping Air Detector Lite

We close this compilation of the best air purifiers connected with the great bargain: the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 3C, it has WiFi connectivity and a price of real scandal. Add its ability to clean a room of up to 106 square meters and you have an unbeatable product.

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