For the TV appearances, the year 2014 was downright epic.

How else would you explain the presence of Bryan Cranston (breaking Bad), Jeff Daniels (The newsroom), Jon Hamm (mad Men), Matthew McConaughey (True detective), Woody Harrelson (True detective) and Kevin Spacey (House Of cards), all in the same category: Best Actor (male) in a drama series? For a while, McConaughey was the favorite he won for his staggering performance as a Louisiana detective, Rust Cohle, but he had to fight doggedly to supplant the other legends (at this point, Spacey could still be counted as one)) ,

Finally, the award was (rightly) given to Bryan Cranston, who was in the final season of Walter White's turn breaking Bad, In his famous acceptance speech, he talked about how he himself had rooted for McConaughey and how his "own family" called him "Sneaky Pete" as a child, Sneaky Pete(about a vicious swindler).

It's the kind of TV moment that fans crave.

(Clockwise from top left) Still images from Fleabag, Russian Doll and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

(Clockwise from top left) Still images from Fleabag, Russian Doll and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Unfortunately, the drama categories at Emmys 2019 do not arouse similar enthusiasm. The pool of great shows – and indeed performances – is initially smaller. A candidate as strong as The American has adopted last year, whereas other favorites like The crown and The story of the maid Premiere of their new seasons outside the deadlines for eligibility. So what we have left is a bunch game Of thronesCategories. Yawning.

The good news is that the comedy segment has never looked stronger. The composition of the genre itself has changed dramatically over the years. Sitcoms like The big Bang Theory and Modern family have made way for concept-driven shows like Barry and Russian doll, It's no laughing matter anymore to do the cut in this category. Shows that deal with more serious topics like mortality (The good place), Karma (Russian doll) and mental health problems (fleabag) dominant.


But nothing is more impressive than the list of women nominated for Best Actor (Female) in a comedy series. The competition is indeed so violent that heartbreak is guaranteed. Whether it's the favorite, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who returns from a cancerous illness to play one last time against the fond of politician Selina Meyer Veepor the radiant Rachel Brosnahan, who was the first woman to win the title of "Best Actor" for seven years (in addition to the regular winner Louis-Dreyfus), for her portrayal of The wonderful Mrs. Maisel last year. Then there's Hollywood's wife of the moment, Phoebe Waller Bridge, next to the hit drama Kill EveShe was the first author of a Bond movie to return with an incredible second season fleabag, Or the fantastic Natasha Lyonne, who, like Waller-Bridge as the main character of the most imaginative show of this issue, enrolled in the hearts of TV lovers. Russian doll,

I will be amazed by the collective talent of the category and I have not even talked about the ever-graceful Catherine O & Hara, who was eventually recognized for her work Schitts Creekand Christina Applegate, with whom there was a kind of comeback Dead for me, Phew.

The men of 2014 were a wild bunch, but the ladies of 2019 are in a class of their own. More importantly, there will be at least one award at the upcoming Emmys, where everyone is a winner.

Emmys 2019 will air on Septemberglow 23 at 5.30 am star world,

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