After its premiere in the last week, the audience already seems to be off The biggest dancer

The BBC One series includes Cheryl, joy Star Matthew Morrison and Strictly come dance Pro Oti Mabuse as jurors with the task of finding the next big dance act in the UK.

After a strong 4.7 million viewers' debut last weekend, the weekend's second episode attracted only 4.2 million viewers, based on numbers from TellyMix The suggestion that viewers turn away from the show during the audition process.

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And it's a catastrophic news, considering that the primetime of the program can keep up The voice UK On Saturday night, they beat again and voted for nearly 5 million people this weekend.


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The biggest dancer did not come to the stubborn beginnings, with reports of a feud between Cheryl and Oti, which occurred before the premiere of the series.

Both judges have emphatically denied reports of tensions between the two countries, but for some reason viewers still do not seem to click on the show.

The show was also confronted with criticism of the lack of dancing, which is obviously a big no-no for a series based on the search for Britain's best dancer.

We just hope these reviews pop up soon, or The biggest dancer could be another reality series that never quite got off the ground.

The biggest dancer continues this Saturday (January 19th) on BBC One.

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