With Ederson joining The problems of Aymeric Laporte, Rodri, Oleksandr Zinchenko, David Silva and Leroy Sane in the treatment room of Manchester City piling up for Pep Guardiola, who is in Liverpool in today's big game.

With six points behind Jürgen Klopp, the defending champions of the Premier League can not give up in three consecutive seasons if they continue to hope to become the fifth club to win the championship title.

That they are currently slowing down, thanks to the relentless form of Liverpool, the injury list mentioned above and despite 34 goals in eleven games of lack of recklessness in the last third.

Another reason is the person who led City to these successive championships – Pep Guardiola.

This is the view of the city author and blogger, as well as the creator and producer of the Blue Moon podcast, David Mooney.

He believes that Guardiola's ability to rethink things could be his fall at Anfield on Sunday – and even cause him to leave Raheem Sterling on the bench.

"The city has lost the ability to earn points (from difficult situations), and much of it is due to injuries and much to Guardiola," Mooney said in a blood-red podcast.

"A friend of mine says if Pep has a problem, his head turns like a million Rubik's cubes at the speed of light, his ability to think over problems is ridiculous, and we saw it earlier in the season against the wolves His problem was that he did not have strong defenders, so he let Fernandinho fall in the middle, and to make that clear, he let Gundogan play half-as-6 and half-as-8, a sort of filling between the two, and definitely not support the right side where Riyad Mahrez was.

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola appears to be down in the first leg of the UEFA Champions League quarter-final in Anfield, Liverpool

"And all that meant was that Ilkay Gundogan did not really do anything and Mahrez was isolated, so City had absolutely no threat except in the left flank side and block you out & then they hit us twice in the break. If Pep had gone into the game with a normal mind and held Gundogan at 6 and played Fernandinho in the back-four and played the way we normally do, we would probably have done everything right, but out of fear of things He went awry, he did what he did, and I think that somehow came to the fore this season because of the lack of City players.

"It all started when Laporte injured Brighton and it somehow fell apart. If Ederson is not fit for Sunday, it's bad and if he's not fit for a long time, it's a big problem because with Claudio Bravo, you just do not know what you're going to get. It's usually pretty funny what happens, but not for city fans.

"Pep sometimes thinks too much about things too much, and I think that's one of the reasons why we've never really made progress in the Champions League under him, trying to address issues that probably do not exist, and making connections We've seen it a couple of times in Anfield and I would not be surprised if it did on Sunday just because of the issues it needs to solve.

"If he had a full-fledged squad, I believe he trusts his own instincts, but once he starts playing players out of position, he stops doing that, and he starts protecting himself. It has worked in the past, but offers the opportunity to make spectacular mistakes. "

City has not won at Anfield since 2003 after missing out on a big opportunity last October when a late penalty from Mahrez struck them close to 0-0.

The stalemate was another frustrating afternoon for Sterling when he returned to his former club.

But the ex-winger of Liverpool could not be better in the starting position, because this season City scored 14 goals in 16 games so far. Mooney is not sure if Sterling will start.

"If he does not play well, City does not play well, but if he plays well, City has a very good chance," Mooney said.

"He will be under pressure on Sunday, and if Liverpool gets him out of the game as a player, that could be a big part of City's work, and that's why I honestly do not know if he's going to start." I honestly do not know what Guardiola thinks.

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Liverpool vs. Man City game day

"Take the Champions League game (against Liverpool) from a few years ago. City came away with an Anfield 3-0 defeat, all because that first half was a disaster because Pep Gundogan played on the right side for no reason.

"And then the team is announced for the second leg, and we all wondered what on earth he did, because there were three defenders, four strikers, and the rest were midfielders, all scattered around the team. If this second goal, which should have counted, counts, and City went down 2-0 at halftime and 3-2 down in the second half, the game would have been much more exciting in the second half, and we would have I said Pep looks like a genius to invent that, but in the end he created something that allowed Liverpool to go through in the second half.

"What he should do is go home, switch off, not think about it and just do what his instinct dictates, but he will not do that and we'll see Kyle Walker in goal!"